Name Program Fredonia Major Fred. Grad. Transferred Inst.
Specialization Current status

Brinkerhoff, Richard Phys-SecEd 5/1/1969
Dir. Of Info Systs., St. Gobain Performance Plastics. (3/02)

Brisbin, Richard (3-2) Physics 5/1/1989
Virginia Poly Tech Electrical Eng. Atty., Titan Systs. Corp. (3/02)

Cum Laude

Brown, Jessica Physics 5/1/2012
double major w/Math (9/12)

Brown, Thomas (3-2) Physics 5/1/1992
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Computer & Systems Entered graduate program at RPI in systems engineering with assistantship

(Fall 1992).

Brown, Zachary Physics 5/1/2008
In Ph.D. program in physics at the College of William and Mary(6/08)

Magna Cum Laude

Browne, Edward (3-2) Physics 8/1/1983
Stevens Inst. of Technology Mechanical Eng. VP with Kentrol. (3/02)

Buckley, Neil (3-2) Physics 5/1/1993
U.B. Electrical Eng. Unknown.

Bucklin, Gerald Physics 5/1/1972
Unknown. (3/02)

Budniewski, Carol (3-2) Math-Physics 5/1/1983
U.B. Industrial Eng. Industrial engineer with the Naval Air Warfare Ctr.


Buesink, Jill Industrial Mgt 5/1/1988
Employed with Blackstone Corp. (3/02)

Cum Laude

Bulger, Gary Physics 5/1/1967
Sales Mgr., Lucent Technologies. (3/02)

Burlett, Roger Phys-SecEd 5/1/1965
Retired Math Teacher - (3/02)

Burnham, Paul Physics 5/1/1982
Field Svc. Mgr. With Marconi Applied Technologies (3/02)

Burns, Kevin (3-2) Math-Physics 5/1/1993
RIT Electrical Eng. Digital Designer with Wide Band Systs., Inc. (3/02)

Buzi, Gentian (4-2) Physics Double major with computer science. Enrolled in Ph.D. program in Control and

CES 1999, S. C. M. Dynamical Systems at Caltech. Rcvd. MS from Caltech.

Byrne, Donald (3-2) Physics 5/1/1979
Embry Riddle Aero. U. Aeronautical Eng. Director of Flight Test for V-22 Osprey@ Boeing Helicopters. Grad 1st in

class and gave commencement address. (1/04)

Byrne, Janet (3-2) Physics 12/1/1989
U.B. Electrical Eng. Received MBA FromRider University, NJ. Employed as Program Manager at

Moog Inc. Formerly employed as an electrical engineer with the General

Electric Astrospace Div.

Byrne, Thomas (3-2) Physics 5/1/1981
Syracuse Electrical Eng. Received M.S. in electrical engineering from Northeastern U. (1987).

Cum Laude Employed as an electrical engineer with the Raytheon Co. Completed the

Syracuse program in two semesters. Elected to Tau Beta Pi.

Cain, Stuart (3-2) Physics 5/1/1989
Tri-State Aerospace Eng. Received M.S. in aerospace engineering from U.B. (1993). Obtained Ph.D. in

Computational Fluid Dynamics from U.B. in1996. Employed by Alden Research


Callahan, Christine Math-Physics 8/1/1995
Unknown (5/02)

Campbell, Brian (3-2) Physics 8/1/1985
Louisiana Tech. U. Electrical Eng. Electrical engineer with the E.I. du Pont de Nemours Co.

Carbino, Christopher Geophysics 5/1/1992
Entered graduate program at Memphis State U. in geophysics with

assistantship (1992).

Carlson, Brian (3-2) Math-Physics 5/1/1997
U.B. Civil Eng. M.S. in Mech. Eng.

CES 1994

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