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American Studies Minor

American Studies
257 Fenton Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
(716) 673-3848

Requirements for the Minor in American Studies

1. Core introductory courses (6 credits)
AMST 202 Introduction to American Studies
AMST 296 American Identities

2. An additional 12 credit hours from the following list:
AMST 210 American Popular and Mass Cultures
AMST 215 Holidays and American Culture
AMST 289 Comparative North America
AMST 338 Nineteenth-Century American Culture
AMST 340 Twentieth-Century American Culture
AMST 347 United States Immigration
AMST 399 Special Topics
AMST 400 Concepts/Methods of American Studies
AMST 402 Senior Project
COMM 102 Mass Media and Society
ENGL 206 Survey of American Literature
ENGL 344 Contemporary Multiethnic American Literature
HIST 105 or 106 United States History I & II
HIST 353 American Consumer Culture
HIST 376 Film and American Culture
MUS 262 American Music
MUS 270 History of American Popular Music, 1900-1963
PHIL 228 American Philosophy
POLI 120 American Politics
POLI 150 U.S. and World Affairs
POLI 365 American Political Thought
Or other courses as advised.

No more than six credits from a student’s major or other minors may be counted toward the American Studies minor.

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