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See what some of our alumni are saying about their educational experiences in the Biology Department...


"The Biology Adolescent Education Program at SUNY Fredonia played a vital role in thoroughly preparing me for a career in Science Education.  My positive experiences at SUNY Fredonia have allowed me to establish connections with the college that have transcended my formal education.  I'm currently involved in the School Building Leadership Program and the Great Explorations in Math & Science Center.  I consistently mentor student teachers from the Adolescence Education Program and I've developed a partnership with the GEMS center and the Biology Department to provide middle school students with enrichment opportunities.  My long-lasting affiliation with the Biology Adolescence Education Program continues to influence be both as an educator as well as a life-long learner. "

Ms. Brianna Moller
B.S. Biology Adolescence Education
7th & 8th Grade Science
Persell Middle School


"Fredonia's undergraduate program in molecular genetics prepared me for graduate school in a number of different ways. The initiatory courses in biology, chemistry, and physics were an excellent  introduction for the advanced courses in biochemistry, organic chemistry, and molecular genetics. Taken together, the curriculum provided me with a comprehensive scientific background with which I was able to pursue post-baccalaureal education. As a student in the molecular genetics program, I very much enjoyed always being able to interact closely with faculty. From educational scientific discussions to informal conversations, student-faculty interactions were consistently pleasant and thought-provoking. I look forward to experiencing similar interactions throughout my graduate and post-doctoral career. As a student at Fredonia, I also really appreciated being able to pursue an undergraduate research project. Being able to work independently in the laboratory allowed me to become experienced with experimental techniques that were later essential for carrying out my graduate research. Fredonia's undergraduate program in molecular genetics was, overall, an outstanding experience that I wholeheartedly recommend."

David Critton
B.S Molecular Genetics
Graduate Student
Brown University


"During my tenure as a Molecular Genetics student at SUNY Fredonia the diverse Biology Department faculty provided me with the necessary foundational tools to succeed at the next level. I owe much of my doctoral preparation to the skilled Biology Department faculty and their unique abilities to engage students in the latest and most efficient scientific techniques. The focused lab preparation in the areas of Biochemistry, Genetics, and Microbiology, prepared me for the exciting challenges that I faced subsequent to my SUNY Fredonia undergraduate experience. 

The faculty in the Biology Department presented challenging material in a comprehensible fashion. I was able to grasp and apply cutting edge techniques in a few short semesters. Prospective students seeking a first-class scientific education at the best possible value must consider SUNY Fredonia when deciding on where to obtain a top-notch biological education."

Randolph V. Clower, J.D., Ph.D.
B.S. Molecular Genetics 

"Much of the research I do now as a graduate student at UC Berkeley uses techniques I learned in the lab very early on in the Molecular Genetics program.  Transitioning from the classroom to the laboratory was much easier for me than many other students at the graduate level because of all the hands-on experience I had at Fredonia.  Entering graduate school, I was competent to begin working independently on a project with real biological applications because I already had a strong foundation of basic laboratory skills.  I feel that the classes and my advisors at Fredonia have primed me for a very successful career as a research scientist."    

Sheena C. Degnan
B.S. Molecular Genetics
UC Berkeley
Graduate Student

"SUNY Fredonia prepared me for medical school by the uncomparable education that I received.  Not only were the premed/biology classes more than exceptional, but the all of the professors cared about each student's success and education.  The professors were readily available to answer all questions, and the students were "not just a number."  Personally, I would not trade the education that I received at Fredonia for anything and could not have been prepared for medical school better anywhere else."

Bill Ehrman, D.O.
B.S. Biology
Graduate of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine


"The greatest impact that the biology program at Fredonia State had on my preparation for medical school and beyond was the small class sizes and the dedication of the faculty to my education.  I was able to ask questions and interact with professors and other students in a nonthreatening environment and as a result was able to retain a great deal of information that prepared me for the basic science classes in medical school.  I found several of the basic science classes in medical school almost a review of what we had covered in various biology classes at Fredonia State."

Matt Aboudara, M.D.
B.S. Biology
Resident in Internal Medicine, Walter Reed Army Hospital
Graduated from UB Medical School


"SUNY Fredonia's small class sizes allowed me to have a more intimate relationship with my peers and my professors. The faculty was always available and was very involved in helping me to achieve the highest success possible.  Having this rapport with my professors enhanced my learning experience, and I feel at a larger university this relationship would have been less evident.  Fredonia was integral in preparing me for the next stage of my education."

Justin Cole, O.D.
B.S. Biology
Optometry Resident, White River Junction VA Medical Center
Graduated from New England College of Optometry



"My years at Fredonia provided me with the perfect foundation to succeed in a highly technical field.  The Professors of the Biology Department possessed the expertise and experience to prepare me to excel in post graduate employment in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.  The culture at Fredonia State is one of excellence and personal growth.  From my first position as a Pharmaceutical Research Technician to my current role as an IVD Marketing Manager I am still drawing from my Fredonia experience.  As my career has evolved and branched out I am happy to say my Fredonia roots are still strong." 

Ron Cruver
B.S. Recombinant Gene Technology
Marketing Manager
Clinical Laboratories Division
Trinity Biotech, Inc.


"My studies at Fredonia and my clinical internship gave me a strong background that enabled me to pursue career options in Sales and Marketing for a national reference laboratory (SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories) and eHealth (WebMD and LabPortal.com).  As the use of the Internet expands in the clinical setting, medical laboratory scientists are perfectly positioned to take a lead role."

Cheryl Cruver, MPA
Vice-President of Business development


"The quality and dedication of Fredonia’s faculty inspired me to reach beyond my original goals and to share my love of the sciences by becoming a college professor."

Deborah Good-Widmer, Ph. D.
B.S. Medical Technology/ Biomedical Research Technology
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
University of Massachusetts


"The Medical Technologist plays a vital role in the health care field.  We are considered specialists, and other health professionals turn to us to answer questions, clarify matter and make judgements about crticial health issues.  There is definite prestige associated with the filed of medical technology."

David Prince, MT (ASCP)
B.S. Medical Technology
Senior Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Syracuse Region Red Cross


"Those of us from Fredonia felt very well-prepared going into the internship.  In fact, we were often better prepared than students coming from other colleges and universities."

Kristine Kuziora, MT (ASCP)
B.S. Medical Technology
Senior Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Strong Memorial Hospital


"My advisor and the other Biology Department professors were always very helpful.  My clinical internship was excellent, and really prepared me very well for my career in the clinical sciences.  My career is everything I expected, and I enjoy it very much."

David Hamilton, MT (ASCP)
B.S. Medical Technology
Senior Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Burlington Medical Center


"I have so many fond experiences of my time spent at Fredonia. Given the small class sizes and approachable faculty, I always felt inspired to achieve my best academic performances. I look forward to meeting up with old friends, greeting professors, and observing the positives advancements within the department."

Jamison Ridgeley, M.D.
B.S. Recombinant Gene Technology
M.S. Biology






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