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Exercise Science

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Exercise Science

(43-45 credit hours) 

The Interdisciplinary Studies - Exercise Science major, which concentrates on Human Performance, offers a curriculum for students pursuing careers in profit and nonprofit fitness and health promotion industries, Physical Therapy, Physicians Assistant, and Athletic Training programs. This major follows the protocols established by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) (Exercise Science Track). The Sport and Exercise Psychology Track follows the protocols established by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

This Interdisciplinary Studies major is housed within the Department of Biology.

Exercise Science

The Applied Exercise Council of (NASPE) established the following national program guidelines for an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. Foundation Science Core: anatomy, physiology, prevention and care of injuries, biomechanics, first aid, CPR and emergency procedures for exercise settings. Exercise Prescription for Normal and Special Populations: exercise testing, exercise class leadership, and exercise and aging. Specific knowledge relating to physiological testing and program leadership. Exercise prescription: interpreting exercise testing results, safety issues; individualized fitness prescriptions and re-evaluation of fitness programs; understanding precautions and modifications of exercise programs such as altitude, temperatures, environmental pollution, type; intensity, frequency, progression of an exercise program, and fitness for special populations. Exercise and Aging: knowledge of aging process. Health Promotion: competency in nutrition, weight control, stress management, goal setting, substance abuse. Administrative Tasks: knowledge of the organization and management of a fitness program such as facility scheduling, management, equipment purchasing, marketing and legal liability. Human Relations: written communications skills including writing business letters, reports and business proposals, speaking, motivating, program adherence and retention. Professional Development: knowledge of organizations, publications, programs, professionals and career planning.

Internship/Independent Study

An internship and/or independent study will be offered as part of the Exercise Science Track. Students will be placed in appropriate settings in which they can develop personal skills and an understanding of sport science. Students must meet all transportation and living expenses while involved in the intern experience.

For additional information, please contact the Department of Biology at (716) 673-3282 or the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies at (716) 673-3174

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