Insights from the classes of 2010 and 2011


"I believe the Biology Department faculty brought a lot of information, desire to learn, and confidence to me and my fellow students. The courses have been challenging, but all instructors that I have had in the department have been greatly helpful with any questions and have broadened my horizons on how wonderful the study of biology can be."

 "I really like the small class size. My professors knew my name. If I needed help, I could go see my professor during office hours for assistance."

"I was most satisfied with the department’s willingness to work with me on my research endeavors. I do not know what I would have done without help from the dedicated faculty here at SUNY Fredonia."

 "I was very satisfied with the broad range of electives to choose from and the willingness of faculty to help answer questions outside of class."

 "I really appreciated the accessibility and quality of faculty in terms of teaching and research. Also the opportunities for student research and the availability of funding for research. The staff in the department are professional, helpful, pleasant."

"I really like the small class sizes. It made it easy to ask questions, and to get to know your peers and professors."

"I was very satisfied with the professors and the faculty at the school."

"The professors were very accessible. Students at Fredonia do not feel like numbers and most of the professors are fantastic teachers. The education that Fredonia prepared me with was fantastic. I have nothing but good things to say about my entire experience."

"I enjoyed that all of my professors knew my name and were readily available for help during office hours. I also appreciated the breadth of the program -- the major sub disciplines of biology were addressed in various courses."

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