New Confocal Microscope

Biology Department
221 Science Center
SUNY Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
(716) 673-3282

New confocal microscope in Biology Department sees inside cells, enables 3D imaging

A sophisticated, research-grade confocal microscope was recently purchased by SUNY Fredonia for use in the Biology Department.

The Leica Microsystems SP8 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope takes images of structures inside of cells with exceptional clarity. “It is analogous to an MRI that is used in medicine which allows you to see inside the body, but instead of using magnetic resonance the confocal allows us to take ‘optical sections’ through a specimen,” said Dr. Scott Ferguson. These sections can be reassembled in a computer to generate a 3D representation of the cell and the structures therein.

The microscope has already generated exciting data in Dr. Ferguson’s research lab and his Molecular Genetics lab course, and it will serve as a key instrument in his $250,000. National Science Foundation funded research project. Dr. Scott Medler is also utilizing the microscope in his research studying skeletal muscle physiology and the effects of exercise on muscle fiber types.

The microscope, which carries a price tag of $311,000, was purchased using money from a dedicated equipment budget that is part of the science center’s construction fund.

Page modified 8/4/14