Biology Programs

Program Overview

  • Biology. Students who complete the B.S. program in Biology at Fredonia have received an education that has them well prepared to enter medical, graduate, veterinary, or other professional school. Students have also had great success in gaining employment in research positions after graduating from Fredonia.
  • Biology Adolescence Education. Students interested in a career as a high school biology teacher take both biology and education courses to earn their teaching certificate. There is a need for additional science teachers in New York, providing good employment opportunities to students who complete this program.
  • Exercise Science. The Exercise Science program focuses on applied human physiology.  The program is recommended for students interested in pursuing a variety of health careers, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Health and Wellness Promotion, as well as graduate work in exercise physiology and biomechanics.
  • Medical Technology. A degree in Medical Technology provides students with the educational experience needed to obtain employment at a hospital. The Fredonia program combines the academic coursework with internships at affiliated hospitals.
  • Molecular Genetics. This degree program provides students with an intensive introduction into molecular biology and genetics. Our graduates are well prepared to enter the field as graduate students at research universities or research technicians.
  • Pre-Health Professions. Most students interested in the health professions major in Biology. Specialized courses and advisement are available for these students. The Health Professions Advisory Council works with students interested in medical, dental, veterinary and optometry school.  The Allied Health Professions Advisory Council assists students interested in Physician’s Assistant, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Chiropractic, and Nursing. The Health Professions Club also brings in local health professionals to meet with our students.
  • Graduate. The Department is proud of the accomplishments of our graduate students. We offer two master's degree programs: M.S. with thesis and a non-thesis M.S. degree. Our programs prepare students for positions in industry and government labs, further study at the doctoral level, and qualify provisionally certified teachers for permanent certification in NY State.

The Biology Department also offers significant curricular support to the Biochemistry and Environmental Science programs.

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