Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics

Molecular Genetics

The Molecular Genetics program prepares students for a variety of career goals involving molecular biology.  Graduates of the program are prepared for graduate school or professional programs (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or other health professions); for research and technical positions in biotechnology, the  health care industry and forensics laboratories; and for positions as genetic counselors.


Degree Requirements:

Core Program:

BIOL 131-132 Introductory Ecology & Evolution Lecture & Lab
BIOL 133-134 Introductory Cell & Molecular Biology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 237-238 Genetics Lecture & Lab
BIOL 243-244 Organismal Biology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 333-334 Biochemistry Lecture & Lab
BIOL 338 Microbiology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 431 Senior Seminar
BIOL 435 Developmental Biology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 436 Molecular Biology
BIOL 437 Molecular Genetics Lab

Plus 9 additional hours of upper level electives at the 300 to 400 level

Supporting Courses

A total of 120 credits are required for the Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics. The remaining credits include courses taken to fulfill the requirement of the College Core Curriculum and electives.

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