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Careers in Environmental Sciences

An Environmental Sciences degree can prepare students for a wide range of careers in industry, government, consulting, and education.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 25% increase in jobs in environmental science within the next decade—a much faster growth outlook than the economy as a whole, driven by a growing population and increased demands on natural resources. The biggest employers include private-sector consulting firms, as well as the Federal government.

Some students choose to combine their undergraduate degree with an MBA or law degree. Since environmental issues will impact most sectors of the job market, an educational background in this field will be attractive to a wide range of employers.

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A Sample of Related Occupations

Air Quality Engineer


Environmental Chemist

Community Relations Manager

Contract Administrator


Environmental Affairs Manager

Environmental Educator

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Impact Analyst

Environmental Lawyer

Environmental Manager

Environmental Protection Specialist

Fund Raiser

Grass Roots Coordinator

Hazardous Materials Specialist


Industrial Hygienist


Natural Resources Manager





Public Health Educator

Public Health Inspector


Research Assistant

Risk Manager

Safety Engineer

Science Librarian

Soil Scientist

Technical Sales Representative

Technical Writer


Water Quality Specialist

Environmental Consultant

Conservation Scientist

Fisheries Management

Aquatic Scientist

Conservation Officer

Community Planning

Types of Employers

Private & Nonprofit Organizations

Chemical Manufacturers

Environmental Research Organizations

Scientific Journals

Environmental Advocacy Groups

Food Manufacturers

Testing Labs

Environmental Consulting Firms

Insurance Industry

Travel/Tourism (Ecotourism Companies)

Environmental Education Centers

Pharmaceutical Industry

Waste Management Companies

Environmental Public Relations Firms

Recycling Centers

 Mass Media Publications

Government Agencies

Bureau of Land Management

National Science Foundation

Soil Conservation Service

Bureau of Reclamation

Department of Environmental Conservation

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Food & Drug Administration

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Forest Service

Peace Corps


Department of Commerce

Public Health Service


Examples of Jobs Obtained by Fredonia Graduates

Environmental Consulting 
     Ecology & Environment, Inc.
  TVGA Consultants

Nonprofit Organizations
     Food & Water Watch
  Energy Justice Network

Government Agencies
     U.S. Forest Service
  NYS Bureau of Fisheries

Graduate School
     Cornell University (Environmental Toxicology)
  University of Colorado - Colorado Spring (Geography & Environmental Studies)


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