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Environmental Sciences Faculty

The Environmental Sciences Advisory Board is composed of 5 faculty members:

All faculty members have active research programs involving undergraduate students.

In addition to these faculty members who are most directly integrated into the Environmental Sciences program, there are a large number of faculty from departments all across campus whose research or creative endeavors are environmentally focused.

     Dr. Bill Brown
  Dr. Karry Kazial
  Dr. Ted Lee

Business & Economics
     Dr. Sue McNamara
  Dr. Peter Reinelt

     Dr. Matt Gronquist

     Dr. Jane Jackson
  Dr. Tracy Marafiote
  Dr. Kay McDonough

     Dr. Christina Jarvis
  Dr. Aimee Nezhukumatathil

     Dr. David Kinkela

  Dr. Rob Deemer
     Dr. Sarah Hamilton

Political Science
     Dr. Ivani Vassoler-Froelich

Visual Arts and New Media
     Dr. Bob Booth
  Dr. Tim Frerichs
  Dr. Phil Hastings
  Dr. Alberto Rey

With so many faculty from such diverse areas being environmentally focused our Environmental Sciences students are exposed to environmental themes, issues, and ideas from a multi-faceted perspective. Such interdisciplinary and integrated learning is an asset to our program and our students futures.

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