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Environmental Sciences Mission Statement

The Mission of the Environmental Sciences Program at SUNY Fredonia is to:

  1. raise awareness about the impact of humans on the environment;
  2. teach students the methods employed by scientists in order to monitor and assess these impacts;
  3. provide a solid, well-rounded educational foundation for our students within the vast array of environmentally focused careers; and
  4. act as a resource to our local community with regard to environmental issues.


To this end, we endeavor for our students to:

  1. Develop an awareness of local, regional and global environmental issues in both current and historical contexts.
  2. Demonstrate the skilled delivery of well-organized, academically informed written and oral presentations focused upon environmental issues and research.
  3. Demonstrate, in a variety of settings, the ability to employ the scientific method and mathematical concepts to environmental issues, including the appropriate use of sampling protocols, experimental designs, environmental assessments and geospatial analyses.
  4. Promote awareness and engagement through cooperative and open venues as approaches to addressing environmental issues facing society &/or solving environmental problems between opposing groups.


These Student Learning Outcomes are assessed on an annual basis and are aligned with our University Level goals of ensuring that all students are:

  • Skilled (develop Intellectual and Applied Skills, Literacies and Knowledges),
  • Connected (engage Community and Diversity: Local Stewardship, Global Citizenship),
  • Creative (demonstrate Scholarship, Artistry, and Innovation), and
  • Responsible (activate Sustainability, Ethics, Leadership, and Professionalism).


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