Faculty & Staff

Department of Chemistry
221 Science Center
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063

Ms. Krista Bellis
Lecturer, M.S. Science Education 2001, Oregon State University
- teachers General Chemistry Laboratory and Essential Science I

Dr. James Bowser

Professor Emeritus , Ph.D., 1976, Duke University
- teaches inorganic chemistry, general chemistry and applied spectroscopy.
e-mail: james.bowser@fredonia.edu

Dr. Fountain Dr. Matthew Fountain
Professor, Ph.D., 1994, University of Rochester
- teaches biochemistry, bioorganic, general chemistry, organic chemistry, introductory biology and advanced biochemistry techniques.
e-mail: matthew.fountain@fredonia.edu
Dr. Gronquist Dr. Matthew Gronquist
Associate Professor, Ph.D., 2002, Cornell University
- teaches biochemistry, organic and advanced organic chemistry, and organic chemistry laboratory.
e-mail: matthew.gronquist@fredonia.edu

Dr. Mark Janik Dr. Mark Janik
Associate Professor, PhD., 1997, SUNY-Binghamton
- teaches organic and advanced organic chemistry, and organic and general chemistry laboratory.
e-mail: mark.janik@fredonia.edu

Dr. Thomas S. Janik Dr. Thomas Janik
Professor and Department Chair, Ph.D., 1983, SUNY-Buffalo
- teaches organometallic chemistry, analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis.
e-mail: thomas.janik@fredonia.edu

Dr. Lawson Dr. Holly Lawson
Associate Professor, Ph.D., 1988, SUNY-Buffalo
- teaches organic, inorganic and general chemistry, and science education.
e-mail: holly.lawson@fredonia.edu


Rachael M. Lesher
Lab Coordinator, Houghton Hall Safety Officer, Stockroom Manager, B. S. Biochemistry, 2008, SUNY-Fredonia
- supervises work study students, prepares lab chemicals, sets up lab equipment, inventory control, waste management, ordering & receiving
e-mail: lesher@fredonia.edu

Dr. Mason Dr. Sherri Mason
Associate Professor, Ph. D., 2001, University of Montana
- teaches physical chemistry, consumer chemistry, and environmental chemistry.
e-mail: sherri.mason@fredonia.edu

Dr. Milligan Dr. Michael Milligan
Professor, Ph.D., 1993, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
- teaches environmental chemistry, physical chemistry and instrumental analysis.
e-mail: michael.milligan@fredonia.edu


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