Overview of Programs

Overview of Programs

Chem Students with PipettesBiochemistry – Enabling fundamental advances in medicine, agriculture, industry and basic science, Fredonia’s Biochemistry program is designed to prepare students for graduate school, medical school or careers in biomedical research.

Chemistry Track I – This “standard major” is often chosen by students having second majors, minors or pursuing teacher certification. 

Chemistry ACS Track – This program satisfies the curriculum requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and is recommended for students interested in graduate or professional schools.

Environmental Sciences – This program integrates the principles of the natural sciences to study human resource utilization and evaluate the options to mitigate impacts to natural ecosystems and resources.

Geochemistry – this interdisciplinary program with geology prepares students for industrial, academic or governmental careers in mineral resources, earth and space science, environmental science and several branches of chemical science.

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