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Computer and Information Sciences Office:

The course on Android Programming of Prof. Decker is a great success! The department will offer it again in the summer for those that were not able to get into it.

Department News & Highlights 2010


Twelve seniors graduated in Fall 2010. At the exit survey, 78% of them reported that they feel the education at Fredonia prepared them well for employment or graduate school. The courses found most useful in their education were Data Base Management Systems, Data Structures, Visual Basic II, Problem Solving with Objects, and Compiler Construction. When asked which electives they would have liked to take at Fredonia, the topic that came up the most was experience in mobile programming, particularly for Android devices, Java programming, and networking.


Prof. Greg Cole got student evaluations 5.0/5.0 in his class CSIT 120 Computer Science Overview. Good job, Prof. Cole!


Dr. Gurmukh Singh published four research papers in collaboration with Dr. A. Mukhopadhyay from North Bengal University, India in the Proceedings of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Symposium on Nuclear Physics held at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India on December 20-24, 2010.


The first Computer Information Sciences Student Expo was held on December 1, 2010 in 115 Fenton Hall. There were over 30 presentations from various courses – programs on Alice, scenes modeled on Blender, web sites, video games, software engineering, graphical applications, data mining, hypercomputing, and e-commerce projects, and even a program for robot manipulation! The Expo was attended by many guests, including VP David Herman, Dean Boisjoly, Dr. Croxton – OSCAR Director, Mr. Ray Christopher from the Technology Incubator, and Drs. Yarmakhov and Zakharova from Psychology Department.

Student Expo


Professor Robert Olson published a paper "An Analysis of Discrete Computing Structures: Re-Evaluating Implementation" in the proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Humans and Computers - HC2010 held at the University of Aizu, Japan, December 8-10, 2010.


Professor David Conroe gave a talk "Cold War Computing" at the multidisciplinary symposium on the early Cold War era held on Friday, Dec. 3, 2010 at Williams Center.


Dr. Gurmukh Singh published the papers:

  1. "Modeling Mendel's Laws on Inheritance in Computational Biology and Medical Sciences", authored by Gurmukh Singh, Khalid Siddiqui, Mankiran Singh and Satpal Singh has been recently published in the Journal of Educational Technology Systems, Vol. 39 (1), 31-46 (2010-2011).
  2. Ring and jet-like structure and two-dimensional intermittency in nucleus-nucleus collisions at 200A GeV/c, Ghosh, P. K. Haldar, S. K. Manna, A. Mukhopadhyay and G. Singh, accepted for publication in Nuclear Physics A (2010).
  3. Centrality dependence of nonstatistical fluctuation in single particle density distribution in 32S-Ag/Br interactions at 200A GeV/c, M. K. Ghosh, A. Mukhopadhyay, D. Roychowdhury and G. Singh, International Journal of Modern Physics, Vol. E19 (11), 1-18 (2010).
  4. Intermittency and related issues in 16O-Ag/Br collision at 200A GeV/c, M. K. Ghosh, P. K. Haldar, S. K. Manna, A. Mukhopadhyay and G. Singh, Canadian Journal Physics, Vol. 88 (8), 575-584 (2010).

On November 5, 2010, the students Ozgun Erensoy, Arda Gumusalan, and Basar Koc attended the IEEE Western New York Image Processing Workshop at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Students at RIT


In September 2010, Prof. Kanev from the University of Shizuoka, Japan, visited the department and gave a talk "Possibilities for Internships and Graduate Study at Shizuoka University and Research on Surface-Based Interfaces."

Prof. Kanev talking to Fredonia faculty and students


In September 2010 Dr. Zubairi gave a talk "Using Wireless Sensor Networks for Medical Emergency Data Handling" at the Social Science Colloquium.


In Fall 2010 the Department welcomed the new professors Steven Camarata, David Conroe, and Gregory Kricheldorf.

Mr. Camarata has been employed by the Angel Business Unit for 15 years. He has recently accepted the promotion to replace his retiring supervisor in the position of Director of IT in Jamestown.

Prof. Conroe comes to us after a career in the Air Force followed by work as a defense contractor. Dave began programming at the Air Force global weather center as a data base programmer and soon became a senior programmer and project manager. He comes to us from New Mexico State University where he led the development of software for the Army research lab at White Sands. He holds an MS in Computer Science and MS in Systems Management. Dave taught graduate level management courses.

Prof. Greg Kricheldorf holds three associate degrees in Math, Computer Science, and Arts. He is a graduate from SUNY Fredonia with a BS in Computer Science and Master's Degree in Teaching from Empire State University. He worked for three years in the Buffalo Public School System doing curriculum development and teaching full time.

Dr. Natalie Nazarenko and Dr. Gurmukh Singh got promoted - they became full-time visiting professors. Mr. Rob Olson got the internal title of assistant system administrator. Mr. Mike Szocki became senior system administrator.


Dr. Singh made a presentation "Good Course Design Technique for Effective Online Teaching" at the 4th Teaching and Learning Conference at SUNY Fredonia in August 2010.

The High School Competition organized by the department was held on May 17, 2010 under the leadership of Prof. Szocki. Over 45 students from 12 schools coached by 10 teachers attended the event. There were participants from many new schools.

High School Contest



Dr. Singh published three papers in the proceedings of the international conference Applications of Computer and Information Sciences to Nature Research (ACISNR-2010), ISBN 978-1-60558-918-3.


In May 2010, the International Symposium Computational Modeling of Objects Presented in Images: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications - CompIMAGE’10 was held in Buffalo, NY. It attracted participants from Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK, and the USA. Dr. Barneva was Co-chair and Chair of the Organizing Committee. Dr. Siddiqui served on the Organizing Committee as a treasurer. Dr. Nazarenko and Mr. Szocki helped with the organization as members of the Organizing Committee. President Hefner attended the symposium and conferred the best student paper awards. Dr. Barneva co-edited the conference proceedings together with the Nobel Laureate Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman. The materiaBasarAwardls of Symposium were published by the prestigious scientific publishing house Springer Verlag (Berlin-Heidelberg) in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series.

President Hefner at Buffalo     Computational book cover       Object modeling book cover



Dr. Barneva was appointed by President Hefner as the next Chair of the Department for the period September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2013. She was elected as the new chair of the Department by the strong majority of the faculty.


The course CSIT 203 Introduction to Multimedia was offered for first time in Spring 2010. It teaches the students how to create 3D computer objects using the free software system Blender. The students created many interesting projects – including a 3D model of the face of a student. The course, currently offered by Prof. Decker, quickly became very popular.


In May 2010, Dr. Barneva published the article "Digital Stars and Visibility of Digital Objects" in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 6026, Springer Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg, 2010, ISBN 978-3-642-12711-3


The following computer and information sciences students presented at the 12th Annual SUNY Fredonia Research and Creativity Exposition, April 27, 2010:

    • Samuel Raghunath, Mentor Dr. Reneta Barneva, "Game Development and College-level Curriculum with Direct X 10"

      Game Dev Showing


  • David Rizzo, Michael Ruggieri, Mentor Dr. Reneta Barneva, "Android Game Application"

    Crowd viewing android game development


  • Mike Seay, Mentor Dr. Anatole Ruslanov, "Cryptography and Terrorism"

    Mike Seay and "cryptography and terrorism"


The department alumna Ms. Kaori Sagawa became a graduate student at the University of Shizuoka, Japan.


In April 2010, the student Samuel A. Raghunath, mentored by Dr. Barneva, presented a poster at the Fifteenth Annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Northeastern Conference CCSCNE-2010


In January 2010, Dr. Barneva published an article in the Journal of Educational Technology Systems. This was one of the 10 papers accepted for publication in the special journal issue devoted to CIT Conference held in Oswego, NY, in 2009. This journal publication is very competitive since CIT usually attracts several hundreds of participants.


Dr. Zubairi served as co-editor of an e-book on Applications of Modern High Performance Networks. It is available at Bentham eBooks. SUNY Fredonia Campus Report announced the publication: "Junaid Zubairi edits new ebook on networks"


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