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Department News & Highlights 2012

Dr. Zubairi is the leader of the group on Social Sciences/Behavior Information Systems that took part in the roundtable workshop organized by SUNY Faculty Senate Graduate and Research Committee in the summer of 2012. The group developed the proposal for a sustainability research proposal which won a research grant under the "Sustainability Fund – Small Grants for Ideas that Might Further the "Power of SUNY." The project is entitled "Effective Use of Feedback to Facilitate Campus/Dormitory Food Waste Reduction across SUNY." This project will be based in SUNY Brockport and will be completed in collaboration with other SUNY campuses. Dr. Zubairi is listed as a project participant.


Dr. Arnavut chaired the Ninth High-Capacity Networks and Emerging/Enabling Technologies conference, held Dec. 12-14 in Istanbul, Turkey, in cooperation with the Kadir Has University. The conference was technically sponsored by the IEEE. Dr. Zubairi served as publication chair of the conference. Both of them presented works with former SUNY Fredonia students.

Arnavut chairs a conference


Dr. Singh  published the paper "Limiting Fragmentation Behaviour of Projectile Helium (Z = 2) Fragments in Nucleus - Nucleus Interactions at 14.6 A GeV" in co-authorship with Ashwini Kumar and Bhartendu K. Singh in the Journal of Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 81, 124202 (2012).


The third Department Student Expo was successfully held on December 12, 2012. The principal organizer was Prof. Olson. Dean Kijinski sponsored the event. During the five hours of the Expo, the following presentations were made:

  • "Defeating Classroom Bullying Through The Use of Data Mining and Social Graph Analysis" by Robert Szkutak,
  • "Creating an RPG using Alice" by Members of CSIT 101 and Professor Michael Kelley,
  • "Game Development" by Members of CSIT 208 and Professor Michael Kelley,
  • "K-means Clustering Visualization" by Robert Szkutak,
  • "Career Opportunities in Computer and Information Sciences” by Efe Alacamli and Erdinc Masat,
  • "Architect's Dream Software" by Jeremy Topolski,
  • "Big Head, Little Arms" by Ankit Ahuja and Villasone Phengsomphone,
  • "Adventures in Creating an "Old School" Video Game" by John Malayny,
  • "OpenGL Building" by Justin Soderberg,
  • "Matrix-based Bully Analysis" by Nicholas Freville,
  • "Digital System" by John Malayny,
  • "Bit Shifter" by Justin Soderberg,
  • "Random Game Environment Generation and Cyclic Maps" by Nicholas Freville.

The Expo was well attended. The participants enjoyed the student presentations, computer demonstrations, and informal discussions. Mr. Fritzinger from the SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator gave a talk about the internships and career possibilities.

Department Student Expo 2012


Dr. Singh is invited to be a plenary speaker at the International Conference on Perspectives of Computer Confluence with Sciences (ICPCCS-2012) to be held Dec. 10-12, 2012 at Nowrosjee Wadia College, affiliated with Pune University, India. This is a big honor as only internationally recognized scholars are invited as plenary speakers. His travel and local expenses are supported by the ICPCCS-12 Organizing Committee and partly by SUNY Fredonia. During his stay in India, he is also invited to give a talk in the Popular Lecture Series of Science Faculty - Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.

An article in Dunkirk Observer featured this event. More details can be found here.


Dr. Barneva's book Combinatorial Image Analysis was published by Springer. It covers topics such as digital geometry, combinatorics in digital spaces, digital curves and surfaces; digital topology, grammars, transformation, applications; grammars and models in image analysis; picture transformations, morphologic operations, image segmentation; and discrete tomography and its applications.



Dr. Howard Blair from Syracuse University visited the department and gave an interesting talk on quantum computing to the CS Club. It has the most amazing title "Wanted: Srodinger Cat - Dead and Alive". The lecture was also attended by by some faculty of Computer and Information Sciences and Physics Department. The audience learned about the amazing world of quantum mechanics and how our "curiosity can kill a cat" - before we look in the box it is both dead AND alive. It observed the double slit experiment in which the particles behave as waves. Finally, the students had the opportunity to learn more about graduate experience.

Blair Talk


Dr. Singh's paper "Multifractal analysis of charged particle distribution in 28Si-Ag/Br interaction at 14.5A GeV" in collaboration with P. Mali, A. Mukhopadhyay was published in the Journal of Fractals, Vol. 20(3), pp.1-13, World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore (2012).

Drs. Singh and Siddiqui's paper "Computer Simulations of Genetics Laws" (co-authored by M. Singh and S. Singh) is accepted for presentation and publication in the Proceedings of International Conference on Perspectives of Computer Confluence with Sciences (ICPCCS-12) to held at Wadia College, Pune, India, Dec. 10-12, 2012. 



The second meeting of the Computer Science Club was held on October 8, 2012 at 2 PM in the English Reading Room. Prof. Kanev, visiting from York University, gave a presentation entitled "Image Based Interactions in Augmented Environments." Some faculty also attended the meeting. An informal conversation followed the talk.

CS Club 


On October 1, 2012 the CS Club met for the first time. David Ballard and Rachael Reinis presented some slides they made about the internships they participated in over the summer. Their presentation was very well received. More than thirty students showed up, including several outside of the department. The President of the CS Club, Rob Szkutak said: "As a whole, the group seemed very pleased with all of the opportunities offered through SUNY Fredonia, the CS Department, and the Technology Incubator. Nearly every student who came, appeared to be actively engaged in talking with other students, asking questions to the group as a whole, and having a good time. I am anticipating a high turnout for our next meeting: Monday, October 15th at 8 PM."

CS Club



On September 14, 2012 the department held a Student-Faculty Party. It was attended by more than 50 students. It gives an opportunity to the students to mingle with the faculty and chat informally. Drs. Arnavut, Barneva, Nazarenko, Siddiqui, and Singh; Profs. Brimkov, Cole, Decker, Olson, and Szocki took part in it. They talked to the students and presented their work. Special guests were Dean Kijinski and Associate Dean Byrne. They talked about the role of sciences in today's education and about the benefits of ABET accreditation for which the department is planning to apply. The President of the CS Club, Rob Szkutak, talked about the club activities.

Party Fall 2012

Prof. Cole received for a second year in a row the department Best Teacher Award. The selection is done based on student evaluations. He gave a talk in which he underlined the industry needs in employees with computer information sciences skills.


Drs. Arnavut, Barneva, Siddiqui, Singh, and Prof. Decker participated in the 6th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference: Education for Social Change held at SUNY Fredonia on August 20, 2012. Drs. Siddiqui and Singh made a presentation entitled "Digital technologies and techniques used in higher education to cross national boundaries." An abstract of their presentation, as well as additional information about the conference can be found here.


Dr. Barneva's book "Digital Geometry Algorithms. Theoretical Foundations and Applications to Computational Imaging" (in co-authorship with V. Brimkov) was published by Springer. It contains open problems for research projects, provides compact surveys on specific topics, and is meant to be used by both researchers and practitioners. More about the book can be found at Springer web site.

book Barneva


Dr. Singh has the following work published/accepted:

1. Multifractal analysis of charged particle distribution in 28Si-Ag/Br interaction at 14.5A GeV, P. Mali, A. Mukhopadhyay and G. Singh, accepted for publication in the Journal of Fractals, World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore (2012).

2. Reviewed a textbook entitled "Starting Out with Visual Basic 2010" by Tony Gaddis and Kip Irvine (5th edition, 869 pages), Prentice Hall, New York, (July 2012).


Dr. Arnavut was elected as President of UUP Fredonia Chapter. UUP - United University Professions - is the union which represents the faculty and professional staff at the state-operated campuses of the State University of New York. UUP is the largest higher education union in the United States with over 30,000 members. Congratulations!


The course Game Development offered by Prof. Kelley was featured in the article "Fredonia prof gives dimension to QR code" of the newspaper Buffalo Business First of June 22-28, 2012.

Business First article

More details can be found here.


Dr. Ziya Arnavut and the student Arda Gumusalan have the paper "Lossless EEG Signal Compression" accepted for presentation at the 34th IEEE Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC'12). The conference will be held in Hilton Bayfront Hotel in San Diego, California, USA on August 28 - September 1, 2012


The following students received scholarships at the department Awards Ceremony:
David Ballard, Nicole Faulise, John Malayny, Rachael Reinis, and Jeremy TopolskiMaytum Scholarship
Aaron ChanBeck Scholarship
Erdinc MasatChiang Scholarship


On May 1, 2012, Department Chair Dr. Barneva, Prof. Kelley, and the student Nathaniel Darling presented at the WNY Chancellor Showcase in Buffalo State College.

Chancellor's Showcase 2012

From left to right: 1) Prof. Kelly is presenting to the President of the University at Buffalo, Satish Tripathi, and SUNY Fredonia Vice President for Academic Affairs Ginny Horvath, about a student project on augmented reality. 2) The software recognizes the code and superimposes 3D objects. 3) The speech of SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher.


On April 29, 2012, the student Zhoujun "Georgie" Fu made the news in Dunkirk Observer as the first international student who won the SUNY Fredonia's coveted Lanford Prize, established by the late President Emeritus Oscar Landford and Mrs. Landford. More can be found here.

Georgie Fu and Mrs. Landford

Mrs. Esther Landford congratulates Georgie Fu.


The students Mark Mackey, James Fefes, Sean Wignall, Brandon Artymowycz, Melih Celik, Baris Yildirim, Seyma Nur Ozdemi, Basar Koc, Cem Sancak, Daniel Lips, Rob Szkutak, Zhuojun Fu presented at the 14th Student Research and Creativity Exposition on April 26th. A video about their presentations can be seen here.

Student Expo 2012


Dr. Junaid Zubairi presented his innovative flight tracker system in TechstormNY on April 18th 2012 in SUNY Binghamton. The flight tracker is protected under provisional patent filed by SUNY Technology Transfer Office. Dr. Zubairi's project was the only one from Fredonia campus among 10 research projects from undergraduate SUNY campuses. Techstorm was organized by SUNY Research Foundation in the new Engineering and Sciences building at SUNY Binghamton. More information can be found here.


The article entitled "Digital Technologies and Techniques Used in Higher Education to Cross National Boundaries" by Gurmukh Singh and Khalid Siddiqui has been accepted for presentation at the 6th Teaching and Learning Conference of SUNY Fredonia to be held on August 20, 2012.


The article entitled "Factorial correlator and short range correlation of charged particles produced in Si-Ag/Br interaction at 14.5A GeV" by P. Mali, A. Mukhopadhyay, and G. Singh has been accepted for publication in Physica Scripta, 2012.


Zhoujun (Georgie) Fu, a Computer Science Major made headlines for her accomplishments in the university newspaper "Leader" (April 16, 2012).

Georgie Fu Landford


On April 16, 2012, the Department of Computer and Information Sciences had its second Best Teaching Practices Workshop. Dr. Singh gave a talk "Interactive Applications of Microsoft Excel 2010", Dr. Barneva gave an advising workshop, and the group exchanged ideas about better teaching of CSIT 121. Drs. Arnavut, Barneva, Hansen, Singh, Siddiqui, Zubairi, and Profs. Conroe, Decker, and Szocki attended the Workshop.


Basar Koc a double major student in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems got accepted to the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at the University of Miami with stipend as financial support and a tuition scholarship. Congratulations! More information can be found in the Campus Report article.


On April 13, 2012 Dr. Barneva gave a talk entitled "Emerging Discipline: Social Informatics" at Sigma Xi seminar.


Dr. Arnavut published the following papers with Basar Koc - an undergraduate student majoring in both Computer Science and Computer Information Systems and a dual diploma program with Ege University, Turkey:

  1. Koc, B. and Arnavut, Z., "A Modified Pseudo-distance Technique for Lossless Compression on Color-Mapped Images," IEEE Data Compression Conference (DCC 2012), pp. 401, April 10-12, 2012
  2. Koc, B. and Arnavut Z., "Gradient Adjusted Predictor with Pseudo-Distance Technique for Lossless Compression of Color-Mapped Images¸" Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT), 2011, pp. 275-280, Dec. 19-21, 2011.
  3. Koc, B. and Arnavut Z., "Block-sorting transformations with pseudo-distance technique for lossless compression of color-mapped images," Image Processing Workshop (WNYIPW), 2011 IEEE Western New York, pp. 1-4, Nov. 4, 2011.
  4. Koc, B. and Arnavut Z., "Application of Pseudo-distance to Lossless Coding of Color-mapped Images," in the proceedings of IEEE SOSE International Conference on System of Systems Engineering, Albuquerque, NM, 220-224, June 2011.

President Hefner announced that Zhuojun (Georgie) Fu is the recipient of 2012 Lanford Presidential Prize from the Oscar and Esther Lanford Endowment of the Fredonia College Foundation. The award—generously created and endowed by the late President Emeritus Oscar E. Lanford and Mrs. Lanford—recognizes a member of the graduating class who has exhibited balanced achievement and exemplifies Fredonia's ideals.

Ms. Zhuojun Fu from Shanghai, China, will graduate summa cum laude this May with double majors in Communication-Public Relations and Computer Science-Applied Math, and minors in Applied Math and Leadership Studies. Some of her many campus activities include:

  • President, Golden Key International Honour Society
  • President, Chinese Club
  • President, American Red Cross Fredonia Chapter
  • Intern, Public Relations Office
  • Intern, Sports Information
  • Intern, Campus Host Program
  • International Student Ambassador for the International Education Center
  • Tutor, Learning Center
  • Volunteer, Campus and Community Children’s Center
  • Student Coordinator, LuWan Exchange Program for College of Education

Miss Fu received numerous honors and awards including the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence, L. Michael Dimitri Scholarship, Golden Key International Honour Society Scholarship, Feng Chiang Scholarship, Fiat Lux Scholarship, President's International Scholar Award, Public Relations Society of America Buffalo Niagara Chapter May C. Randazzo Scholarship, SUNY Fredonia President International Scholar Award, SUNY Fredonia Scholar Award, Golden Key Regional Student Leader of the Year, Educational Development Program’s Tutor of the Year, and Golden Key International Student Leader of the Year.

After graduation, Miss Fu plans to pursue a master's degree in International Affairs with a merit fellowship at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University.

More about her accomplishments can be found in the Campus Report article.

Georgie Fu and President Hefner


The student Jeremy Topolski, a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, was named as February's "Student of the Month." Mr. Topolski is an excellent computer scientist, an active membership on the Resident Assistants Advisory Board, Computer Science tutor and proctor, frequent participant in math competitions and Buffalo News Kids Day and volunteer at St. Vincent's Home for the elderly.

More about his accomplishments can be read at the Campus Report article.


The university newspaper Leader published a paper about the course Ruby on Rails. Prof. Kricheldorf and the students Patrick Hodge and Greg Rowley talk about the ambitious course project to create a better version of the existing FSU4U website.


The Computer Science major Ms. Georgie Fu has a paper accepted at the Seventh International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology, ICCGI 2012, which will be held in Venice, Italy. The paper entitled "Environmental Codes for Position Determination of Autonomous Agents" summarizes her Honors Thesis.


Mr. Arda Gumusalan, a double major in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems and a dual degree program student with Ege University got accepted to George Mason University Ph.D. Program in Computer Science with a Full Assistanceship. Congratulations! More information can be found in the Campus Report article.


Dr. Zubairi and Mr. Olson have the paper "Client-Server Based Transmission Scheme over GSM Network for MEDTOC with Patient Classification" accepted at the 2012 International Conference on Collaborative Technologies and Systems. The conference is being held in cooperation with the ACM and IEEE.


Dr. Gurmukh Singh, has the paper "Computer Simulations of Quantum Theory in Virtual Lab" accepted for oral presentation in the International Conference on Computational Physics (ICCP-2012) to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands during July 25-26, 2012.


An article about the achievements of Dr. Gurmukh Singh, entitled "Professor involved in scholarly and teaching work" was published in Dunkirk Observer. Congratulations!


The students in the Game Development course James Fefes, Sean Wignall, Brandon Artymowycz, Cory Campbell, Tyler Vail, Nathaniel Darling, Mark Mackey, Dylan Penner tied for first place at the American Play Ethics Symposium for their project "SUNY Raptor, An Augmented Reality Game". The committee chair wrote "We thought it was very promising--well put together, thought through very thoroughly and thoughtfully presented." The students received a monetary prize and will give a 20-minute talk on Friday, March 23, 2012, 4:30-5:30.

More about their work can be seen at


Dr. Gurmukh Singh has the following papers published/accepted for publication:

1) Modern Higher Education Techniques Crossing National Boundaries, G. Singh and K. Siddiqui, Accepted for publication in the 2nd Annual Technologies in Education Conference to be held at Saint Rose College, Albany, NY, May 17-18, 2012.
2) Blended Teaching and Leaning Techniques Employed in Science Education, G. Singh, Accepted for publication in the 2nd Annual Technologies in Education Conference to be held at Saint Rose College, Albany, NY, May 17-18, 2012.
3) Useful Tools and Techniques to Enhance Student Retention in Higher Education, G. Singh, Accepted for publication in the 2nd Annupal Technologies in Education Conference to be held at Saint Rose College, Albany, NY, May 17-18, 2012.
4) Self-affine two dimensional intermittency in 28Si-Ag/Br interaction at 14.5A GeV, Provash Mali, Amitabha Mukhopadhyay, and Gurmukh Singh, accepted for publication in Acta Physica Polonica, B 43,1-17 (2012).
5) Azimuthal structure of particle emission  in 28Si-Ag(Br) interaction at 14.5A GeV, P. Mali, A. Mukhopadhaya, and G. Singh, Proceedings of the DAE Symp. on Nucl. Phys. 56, 994-995 (2011). Also available online
6) 2d intermittency in 28Si-Ag(Br) interaction at 14.5A GeV, P. Mali, A. Mukhopadhaya, and G. Singh, Proceedings of the DAE Symp. on Nucl. Phys. 56, 996-997 (2011). Also available online
7) Study of limiting fragmentation in nucleus - nucleus interactions at 14.6 A GeV, Ashwini Kumar, G. Singh, and B. K. Singh, Proceedings of the DAE Symp. on Nucl. Phys. 56, 1018-1019 (2011). Also available online in Proceedings of DAE Symposium, Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, India.


Prof. Michael Kelley joined the department in Spring'12. He will be teaching the course Game Development. Mr. Kelley is the CEO of MJK Studios – a company producing technocentric entertainment that has amassed a dedicated following and won several international awards and prizes. Mr. Kelley has been vetted by the Guinness Book of World Records for "having single-handedly developed the most art assets for a video game".


Prof. Daniel Maloney graduated from JCC Jamestown campus and transferred to SUNY Fredonia in 1997. He graduated in 1999 with a B.S. in Mathematics/Secondary Education. Mr. Maloney completed 21 hours of graduate level mathematics courses at the University of South Carolina during the 1999 - 2000 school year. From 2000 to 2007 he was a math teacher at Airport High School in West Columbia, South Carolina. He was also an adjunct professor at Columbia College from 2003 to 2007 where he taught Introductory Algebra courses. In 2010, he returned top SUNY Fredonia and in 2011 earned a M.S. in Education, Mathematics Education. He has taught courses such as Survey of Pre-Calculus, Math in Action, and Survey of Calculus I. He is currently teaching Survey of Calculus I and Discrete Mathematics II.


Prof. Paul Nippard joined SUNY Fredonia as an adjunct instructor in January, 2012. Mr. Nippard graduated in 1984 from the Department of Computer Science at Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada, with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.Ed. in Secondary Education. He also graduated from Bellevue University in Bellevue, Nebraska in 2005 with a Master of Business Administration degree. He has more than 25 years of experience in the Information Technology field, mostly in the Banking and Financial Services sector. He is teaching a course in Management Information Systems.

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