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Department of
Computer and Information Sciences

Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Prof. Ziya Arnavut, Chair
2148 Fenton Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: 716-673-3864
Fax: 716-673-4821

Computer and Information Sciences Office:

Ethical Hacking

Introduction to penetration testing; Introduction to Linux; C programming in Linux; Introduction to Kali; Sandboxes and Virtual Machines; Network attacks; port scanning; packet sniffing; wireless encryption attacks; denial of service attacks and stress testing; Operating systems attacks; Buffer overflow attacks; chroot; Metasploit and Armitage; Web application attacks; XSS; CSRF; SQLi; Cookie poisoning; ClickJacking; Applied Cryptography; PGP/GPG; TrueCrypt; Bitlocker; Plausible Deniability; Other topics (eg: Violent Python) as time permits. This course will have a strong emphasis on lab components

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