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Department of
Computer and Information Sciences

Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Prof. Ziya Arnavut, Chair
2148 Fenton Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: 716-673-3864
Fax: 716-673-4821

Computer and Information Sciences Office:

Web Programming Minor

The minor on Web Programming will be available in Fall 2011. Web development is needed virtually for every profession: educators, writers, businessmen, musicians, scientists, etc. Many employers require such skills explicitly. The minor is organized in the framework of Web 2.0 technology allowing the users to interact and collaborate with each other. Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, web applications, and others.

Requirements for the Minor in Web Programming

Required courses:
CSIT 105 Visual Basic I or CSIT 121 Computer Science I
CSIT 107 Web Programming I
CSIT 205 Visual BASIC II or CSIT 221 Computer Science II
CSIT 207 Web Development II – Programming

Two courses from the following:
CSIT 151 Introduction to Information Systems
CSIT 203 Introduction to Multimedia
CSIT 251 Information Systems Structures
CSIT 462 Computer Graphics
CSIT 463 Introduction to Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision

One course from the following:
CSIT 425 Software Engineering
CSIT 455 Relational and Object Databases
CSIT 473 Data Warehousing and Mining
CSIT 475 Electronic Commerce

Total Credit Hours Required: 21

Notes: 1) The courses CSIT 291 Special Topics, CSIT 300 Internship, CSIT 490 Seminar on Selected Topics, CSIT 496 Special Topics, CSIT 497 Thesis, CSIT 499 Senior Project and other courses can be considered as electives upon departmental approval. 2) At least two of the courses towards the minor a student takes must be at 300-400 level. 3) Students majoring in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems must take at least 15 credits which do not count towards the major program. 

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