Academic Faculty

Anny Patricia Castilla-Earls, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

W117 Thompson Hall
(716) 673-3169


 Anny Castilla, PhD


Ph.D. University of Toronto, 2008. Department of Speech-Language Pathology. Dissertation:Morphosyntactic Acquisition in monolingual 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old Spanish-speaking children.

M.S. Universidad del Valle, Colombia, 2003. Specialist Program in Bilingual Education. 

B.S. Universidad del Valle, Colombia, 2000. Speech Language Pathology.

Research Interests

  • Typical and atypical language development.
  • Grammatical markers of specific language impairment.
  • Individual differences in second language acquisition.
  • Language assessment in monolingual and bilingual children.


I have been an assistant professor at SUNY Fredonia since August of 2009. My primary interests are Spanish language development, language assessment and disorders in Spanish-speaking monolingual and bilingual children. I teach courses in language acquisition, language disorders and language assessment for monolingual and bilingual children. Please visit the Child Language Laboratory at SUNY Fredonia for more information about my current research projects. .


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