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Speech Language Evaluation


Preschool child working on colors and shapes Speech Language Evaluation for Children

  • Prior to receiving therapy, a child would receive a complete speech and language evaluation in order to determine his/her eligibility for therapy.
  • This evaluation would include a case history review, hearing screening, oral peripheral evaluation (examination of mouth structures that are purposeful speech functions), articulation (speech sound) assessment, as well as the child's use and understanding of language. 
    •  How a child uses language is termed Verbal Language and/or Expressive Language (how effectively a child communicates his/her wants and needs).
    • How a child understands language is termed Language Comprehension and/or Receptive Language.
  • A common question asked by many people is: When is a speech-language evaluation needed? Some general ideas to keep in mind when thinking of obtaining an evaluation are:
    • Does the child's speech/lack of speech draw unwanted attention of others?
    • Does the child demonstrate frustration when communicating or does he/she demonstrate behavior difficulties when placed in a communication situation?
    • Does the child have trouble developing peer relationships due to an inability to communicate?
    • Does the apparent speech and language deficit interfere with the child's academic performance?
    • Does the child receive criticism from peers due to the speech and language challenges he/she demonstrates?
    • If your child is demonstrating any or all of the listed challenges, it is suggested that the child receive a speech language evaluation to rule out a speech language problem.
  • After an evaluation is completed at the Youngerman Center, further recommendations may be made based upon the child's performance during the evaluation. The recommendations discussed in the evaluation could include one or more of the following:
    • Referral to your local school district for evaluation
    • Referral to you primary care physician and/or specialist
    • Referral to your county's Early Intervention Program
    • therapy at the Youngerman Clinic
  • If therapy is recommended, therapy goals for the child would be listed and explained within the evaluation report.

Evaluation Schedule:

  • The Youngerman Center Clinic operates from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday during the University Academic Calendar.

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