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Child Language Therapy

Preschool children involved in waterplay Philosophy:

  • Childhood language intervention is designed to enhance and improve language expression and language comprehension to a functional and/or age-appropriate level, in turn maximizing the child's academic and communicative potential.


  • A language delay/disorder usually is classified as a receptive language disorder/delay (poor understanding of language) or an expressive language disorder/delay (poor use of language.)
  • Depending on a child's chronological age, current level of cognitive functioning, as well as his/her individual speech and language needs, a variety of methods and modalities could be tailored and incorporated to address those needs in therapy.
    • With younger children, various forms of play therapy may be utilized to target the child's needs.
    • With school-aged children, more structured tasks with computer software, various games and drill work would often be incorporated.

Program Goal(s):

To enhance skills in the areas of:
  • Comprehension of language including understanding questions, following directions, and understanding vocabulary concepts
  • Language expression, including vocabulary use, formulating sentences, using longer sentences, and using appropriate grammar and syntax


  • The Youngerman Center Clinic operates from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday during the University Academic Calendar.

Contact Information:

  • Julie Williams, Clinic Director (716) 673-3203 

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