Degree Requirements

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To be admitted without deficiencies into the master's program, an applicant must have:
  • a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • completed a minimum of 15 credit hours in courses related to the normal development of speech-language-hearing and/or the sciences related to the use of speech, language and hearing;
  • 12 credit hours in speech-language pathology disorders; and 6 credit hours in audiology;
  • a minimum of 3.0 GPA is preferred;
  • 1 course in biology (3 credits), 1 course in physical science (3 credits), 1 course in statistics or a math course (3 credits), and 1 course in social sciences or psychology (3 credits) to meet ASHA's 2005 Standards.
  • GRE exam is required.

Note: To meet ASHA certification requirements, a minimum of 375 clock hours of supervised clinical practice is required for graduation, of which at least 325 hours must be at the graduate level and no more then 50 hours at the undergraduate level.

Undergraduate Program

  • B.S. in Communication Disorders and Sciences - PDF

Graduate Program (2 year)

  • M.S. in Speech Pathology:  Graduate Students entering Fall 2014- PDF

Curricular Mapping

  • B.S. Communication Disorders and Sciences- PDF
  • M.S. in Speech Pathology- PDF

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