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Ted Schwalbe

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We live in Fredonia, New York. Fredonia is in the western part of the state. We are an hour southwest of Buffalo. Fredonia is a small village of about 5000. We like to think that it is the kind of town that America used to be like...or if it wasn't, the way it should have been.

Our Home We live about four miles from downtown Fredonia.

Our family consists of myself, my wife Joanne, and our daughters Katy and Laura. And our cats Snowball, Sunshine, and Fonzie.

Here are some pictures of the family.

Ted Ted - I'm chair and professor in the Communication Department at SUNY College at Fredonia. I teach a variety of courses in mass media. In addition to enjoying traveling, I like bowling.

Joanne Joanne - I run a business out of our home which involves dabase management. Our largest project involves keeping track of information on housing sales in Chautauqua County. My hobbies include sewing, gardening, bridge, and reading.

Kate Katy - I'm 24 years old.

Laura Laura - I'm 21 years old and working in a law office. My favorite sports are gymnastics, softball, and cheerleading. I like to watch cartoons and bake desserts (especially chocolate).

Snowball Snowball

Sunshine Sunshine

Fonzie Fonzie


I've been fortunate over the past few years to do some traveling. Most of the trips have been related to my research which is involved in private media development in new democracies. I have had 5-month Fulbright teaching experiences in Bulgaria and Hungary. Take a look at some of my favorite pictures by clicking on the country.

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