NAME:                         Ted Schwalbe


HOME ADDRESS:     9159 Skinner Rd.

                                    Fredonia, New York  14063

                                    (716) 679-4605


OFFICE:                       Department of Communication

                                     326 McEwen Hall

                                     SUNY College at Fredonia

                                     Fredonia, New York  14063

                                     (716) 673-3410 (phone)  (716) 673-3414 (fax)



EDUCATION:               B.S. Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude)

                                     Ohio University

                                     June 1975



                                     School of Public Administration

                                     University of Southern California

                                    June 1978


                                     M.A. Communications

                                     Annenberg School of Communications @ U.S.C.

                                     June 1978


                                      Ph.D. Communication Theory and Research

                                      Annenberg School of Communications @ U.S.C.

                                     January 1980


LANGUAGE                 Spanish, Bulgarian, Hungarian (all basic)



SCHOLARLY              Fulbright Scholar, University of Pécs, Hungary, Fall 2004

ACTIVITIES:                Member of planning committee and faculty advisor to press corps for

Eurosim 2004 held in Tilburg, Netherlands in January 2004. Produce

daily newsletter for conference as well as on-line pre and post-conference editions.

Also responsible for all PR regarding event

Grants Reviewer – Fulbright Senior Specialist Program - 2004

                                    Asked by Allyn and Bacon to review 5 chapters of Comparing Media

                                          From Around the World – Summer 2003

            Press Corps Advisor, Communication Director, Planning Committee

                             Member, EUROSIM (European Simulation) in Fredonia – March 2003

                        Recipient of Fulbright Senior Specialist Program Award

                 University of Swaziland - Summer 2002

            Press Corps Advisor, Communication Director, Planning Committee

                 Member, EUROSIM (European Simulation) in Prague – January 2002

                        Selected to Radio/TV News Directors Association Faculty Summer

                                         Fellowship Program - Summer 2001. Worked at WTOP Radio in

                                         Washington D.C.

President – Western New York/Northwest Pennsylvania Fulbright Association Chapter

                        Principal speaker for Western New York/Pennsylvania Fulbright

                            Association's Meetings in Edinboro, PA and Geneva, NY - Spring 2001

                                    Principal speaker for Western New York/Pennsylvania Fulbright

                                        Association's Annual Meeting in Buffalo, NY - Spring 2000

                                    Fulbright Scholar, American University in Bulgaria – Fall 1997

                         Asked by American University in Bulgaria to participate

                                        in media training project in Bulgaria - Summer 1995

                                     Asked by Harper-Collins to review 9 chapters of

                                        Telecommunications for the 21st Century - Fall 1993

                                     Head evaluation team for review of Communication

                                        program at Niagara County Community College - Fall 1993

                                     Head evaluation team for review of Communication

                                        program at Kutztown University - Spring 1993

                                    Asked by Houghton-Mifflin to review 20 chapters

                           of Broadcasting in America, 6th ed. - Spring 1989                                                 

                        Invited participant in International Radio and

                                        Television Society's faculty seminar on broadcast

                                        programming - February 1988

                                    Recipient of State University of New York Faculty Grant

                                        for Improvement of Undergraduate Instruction - 1987

                                     Recipient of Chancellor's Award for Excellence in 

                                        Teaching - 1986

                                    Recipient of National Association of Television

                                        Programming Executives (NATPE) Faculty

                                        Development Grant to work at WKBW-TV - 1984

                                    Recipient of State University of New York Faculty Grant

                                        for Improvement of Undergraduate Instruction - 1982

                                    Judge: 1980 Ohio State University Broadcast Awards

                                    Annenberg Fellowship - 1975-1979

                                    Phi Kappa Phi

                                    Pi Mu Epsilon


ORGANIZATIONS:    Broadcast Education Association

                                    Alpha Epsilon Rho - faculty advisor

Western New York/Northwest Pennsylvania Fulbright Association -   Chapter President 1999-2003


EMPLOYMENT:          Full Professor and Chair

                                    Department of Communication

                                    SUNY College at Fredonia

                                    Fredonia, New York

                                    January 1980 – present

                                    Chair 1989-1998, 2003-present

                                    Tenured 1986

                                    Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching - 1986

                                    Adjunct Professor

                                    Jamestown Community College

                                    Jamestown, New York 

                                    August 1984 - May 1988


                                    Research Consultant

                                    Research Communications Ltd.

                                    Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

                                    March 1984 - December 1987


                                    Media Consultant

                                    Chautauqua/Allegheny Media Associates

                                    Westfield, New York

                                    December 1985 - April 1988


                                    Telecommunications Policy Analyst/Project Manager

                                    National Telecommunications and Information Admin.

                                    U.S. Department of Commerce

                                    Washington D.C.

                                    March 1979 - January 1980                           


Research and Teaching Assistant

                                    Annenberg School of Communications @ U.S.C.

                                    Los Angeles, California

                                    September 1975 - February 1979


                                    Policy Analyst

                                    Office of Telecommunications Policy

                                    Executive Office of the President

                                    Washington D.C.

                                    June 1977 - September 1977


                                    Cable Television Consultant

                                    Department of Public Utilities

                                    Los Angeles, California

                                    October 1975 - September 1976


Studio/Field Engineer

American Broadcasting Company

New York, New York

June 1974 - September 1975



WOUB Radio and Television

Athens, Ohio

September 1972 - June 1975





RESEARCH                International (primarily Eastern European and southern African)

AREAS:                       Broadcasting, Telecommunications Law and Policy, Computers and

Communication, Multimedia Computing, Journalism,

                                    Telecommunications Technology


SELECTED                “Teaching First Amendment Principles”, paper presented at annual

RESEARCH/               conference of Alliance of Universities for Democracy, Yalta, Ukraine,

PUBLICATIONS:         October 2005.


                                    Selected to be lead writer and proposal coordinator for Bridge II -

                                    a multi-year, multi-million dollar grant proposal to develop teacher

training initiatives through videoconferencing with University of Elbasan in Albania - May 2000


                                    Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program - $29,250 grant

                                    funded by Council on International Exchange of Scholars to provide

                                    for hosting visiting Bulgarian scholar. Spring 1999 for AY 1999/2000


Bulgaria Radio Management Program - $117,000 grant

funded by the United States Information Agency – Summer 1997


                                    Professional Development Year Grant - $6000 grant funded

                                    by United States Information Agency to provide for a

                                    Bosnian journalist to study at Fredonia for

                        one year - Spring 1996 for AY 1996/97


Southern Africa Independent Radio Station Development

             Project - $138,000 grant funded by the United States

                                     Information Agency - Spring 1996


Professional Development Year Grant - $6000 grant funded

                                     by United States Information Agency to provide for an

                                     Albanian journalist to study at Fredonia for

                                     one year - Spring 1995 for AY 1995/96


                                    Albanian Mass Media Development Project - $125,000 grant

                                     funded by United States Information Agency - Summer 1994.


                                     Distance Learning Cooperative Media Lab - $165,000 grant

                                     funded by Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation for creation of

                                     computer/communication lab.


                                    "From Copper to Light: A Historical Examination of the

                                    Relationship of the Cable TV and Telephone Industries",

                                     Feedback, Summer 1994.


                                     "Teaching Students using Multimedia Computing", paper

                                     presented to SUNY Conference on Educational Technology

                                     at SUNY Oswego, April 1994.


                                     "Turning the Computer into a Communication Tool: The

                                     Concept of Teaching Communication Students Multimedia

                                     Computing", paper presented at Broadcast Education

                                     Association's Annual Conference, Las Vegas, March 1994.


"An Algorithm for Course Scheduling", ACA Bulletin

                                     (The Journal of the Association of Communication

                                    Administration), Issue #80, April 1992, pp. 33-38.


                                     Develop marketing strategy and help write commercial for

                                     Asbestos Arrestor television campaign - Fall 1991.


                                    Grant from New York State Department of Health to produce

                                    treatment for 30 minute video on AIDS prevention aimed

                                    at College students -  July 1990


                                     Grant from Cablevision Industries to conduct telephone

                                     survey on subscriber attitudes towards cable programming

                                     and service. Included questionnaire design, training

                                     interviewers, data collection, statistical analyses

                                     and final report. April 1990


                                    "Program Review: A Time for Change"

                                     Paper presented to the Assoc. for Communication Admin.

                                     17th Annual Presidential Seminar

                                     Washington, DC, October, 1989

                                     published in Feedback, Vol.32 No.3,Summer 1991,pp.22-24


                                     "WBUZ - A Case Study in License Renewal", Feedback, 

                                     Vol.29 No.4, Fall 1988, pp.3-10.


$el-a-vision: A Computerized Television Sales

Tool - Instruction Manual and Workbook, 1987


"Making Research Real", Feedback, Vol.27 No.5,

Summer 1986, pp. 36-37.


Broadcast Management Videotapes in Paul R. Baumann (ed.)

Television-Assisted Instruction: Faculty Grants for

Improvement of Undergraduate Instruction Publication

Series Volume II. Albany: SUNY Press, 1985.


Information-Seeking Characteristics of Political Participants

Paper presented to the Broadcast Education Association

Washington D.C., November 1984


Using Technology to Improve Teaching of Business

                                        Communication Skills

Paper presented to the American Business Communication

                                    Association - Eastern Regional Conference

Boston, Massachusetts, April 1984


Low-Power Television in Chautauqua County

Paper presented to the Broadcast Education Association

Washington D.C., November 1982

Reprinted in Feedback, Vol.25 No.3, Winter 1983/84


Broadcast Management Videotapes

Description of Project

The News, Vol.11 No.6

State University of New York

Summer 1982


Impact of New Telecommunication Technologies on

                                       University Education

Presentation to the New York State Western Region

                                    Educational Communication Center Directors

November 1981


Diffusion of Electronic Transactions in Herbert S.

Dordick, Helen G. Bradley, and Burt Nanus (eds.),

The Emerging Network Marketplace, Norwood, N.J.:

Ablex Publishing, 1981.


Potential Impact of Low-Power Television

Paper presented to the Broadcast Education Association

Washington D.C., November 1981


Mass Media and Post-Secondary Education

Journal of Broadcasting, Vol.25 No.4, Fall 1981


Chautauqua County - Year 'Round Vacation

Wrote script and co-produced promotional film for County

October 1981


A Multidimensional Approach to Political Information

                                       Seeking and Political Participation

Doctoral Dissertation, University of Southern California

December 1979


The Problems of Obtaining Broadcast Signals in Rural

                                    America, OTP Report to the Interagency Committee on   

                                    Rural Communications, July 1977




DEPARTMENT            Responsible for coordinating funding and planning

SERVICE:                               of departmental Multimedia Computing Lab

                                     Responsible for "Communication 2000" - department's

                                                 long-term goals plan

                                     Responsible for department's enrollment planning


                                    Responsible for developing department's proposals

                                                  for journalism and public relations programs

                                    Responsible for department self-study

                                    Responsible for developing department's admissions


Chair department's Scholarship Committee

Head several faculty and staff search committees -

                                                and serve on many others

Department representative for library acquisitions

Help develop Communication major

Devise Communication minor

Devise and head Media Management major

Develop Communication/Business minor

Help develop student course evaluation forms

Coordinate with Computer Center new faculty evaluation



UNIVERSITY               Member of Faculty Council - 1983-1993, 1999-present

SERVICE:                   Member of International Studies Coordinating Committee – 2002-present

                        Faculty coordinator - International Fulbright Scholars - 2001/02, 1995/96

                        Responsible for developing student study abroad agreement

                                                between SUNY and the American University in Bulgaria

                                    Department Representative to United University Prof.

Member Academic Affairs Committee - 1991-1992, 2002-present

Faculty Advisor to Alpha Epsilon Rho - the National

                                                Broadcasting Society

Help crew IRC productions

Participate in judging of Ohio State Awards in 1980


COMMUNITY               Village of Fredonia Cable TV Commission – chair 1981-1989

SERVICE:                   Computer Ombudsman - help many local individuals

                                                and businesses with a variety of hardware and

                                                software problems

Develop computerized real estate listing service for

                                                local realtors

Work with A. Sam and Sons of Dunkirk - develop

                                                computerized inventory and packout programs

Wrote script and produced audio track for Chautauqua

                                                County Vacationlands film

Produce many radio spots for local ski centers

Work with WDOE in researching listenership and

                                                interests of local citizens

Work with WJTN in producing videotapes

Executive producer of weekly newscasts aired on WCVF

Appear on many local radio and TV programs as an expert

                                                on broadcasting, cable, and telecommunications issues

Participate in many other community activities and charities


OUTSIDE                    Bicycling, bowling, computers, bridge, traveling


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