Sample Syllabi

COMM 101:  Fundamentals of Communication

COMM 102:  Mass Media and Society

COMM 105:  Public Speaking

COMM 114:  Electronic Darkroom

COMM 116:  Desktop Publishing

COMM 118:  Desktop Audio

COMM 130:  Foundations in Journalism

COMM 155:  Rhetoric of Vision and Sound

COMM 199:  Communication Orientation

COMM 200:  Electronic Media Writing

COMM 222:  Principles of Public Relations

COMM 244:  Introduction to Social Media

HONR 225:  Environmental Communication (listed as Honors course)

COMM 230:  Newsgathering

COMM 232:  Critical Analysis in Journalism

COMM 251:  Audio Production I

COMM 255:  Studio Production

COMM 295:  Communication Research and Survey Methods

COMM 301:  Group Communication

COMM 302:  Rhetoric and Criticism

COMM 308:  Documentary History and Criticism

COMM 312:  Multimedia Integration

COMM 322:  Public Relations Writing

COMM 344:  Public Relations Case Analysis

COMM 346:  Print/Digital Editing and Design

COMM 350:  Communication Technology

COMM 351:  Audio Production II

COMM 354:  Video Field Production

COMM 358:  Television News

COMM 361:  Script Writing

COMM 366:  Video Post-production

COMM 368:  Video Camera and Lighting

COMM 373:  Gender and Communication

COMM 379:  Persuasion

COMM 400:  Telecommunications Management

COMM 420:  Communication Law and Ethics

COMM 452:  Documentaries I

COMM 454:  Video Fiction I

COMM 459Special Topics: International Public Relations

COMM 465:  Intercultural Communication


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