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Cheap Books


Electronic Text Archives


General Research Sites


Literary and Cultural Studies Research Sites

Critical Theory

Literary and Cultural Studies


Science Fiction Studies Sites

An interesting article on the first science fiction studies courses can be found at
Science Fiction in Academe, Science Fiction Studies 70 (November 1996).

General Academic Sites

Journals and Magazines


Science Fiction as World Literature


On Individual Movements, Works, and Authors

Alternate History

Isaac Asimov

Margaret Atwood

Ray Bradbury

Octavia Butler

Orson Scott Card


Samuel Delany

Philip K. Dick

William Gibson

Golden Age

Joe Haldeman

Robert Heinlein

Nalo Hopkinson

Ursula K. LeGuin

Maureen McHugh

New Wave

Marge Piercy

Kim Stanley Robinson

Dan Simmons

Neal Stephenson

Kurt Vonnegut

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SF@SF Links
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