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Our English alumni do incredible things! We are proud to know our department prepares students for successful careers, fulfilling lives, and transformative contributions to their communities and our world. Read on to learn how individual alumni have put their English degrees into action.

Tom Lowe

Tom had the great opportunity, since graduating from Fredonia in 2009, to return to his hometown to start his career as the Director at ReNU Niagara.

Tom explains, “Each and every day I have the opportunity to work with some amazing people who all share the same goal: returning the City of Niagara Falls to the level of success and prosperity it once enjoyed. I love my job. That may sound cliché, but I have the opportunity to sit in an office just a few hundred yards from one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the world, Niagara Falls. Beyond that, though, I actually get paid to give back to my hometown community. I couldn't be more fortunate”.

His degree at Fredonia gave him a broad foundation from which to base his career. A lot of the work Tom does in the community is grant-based, which requires  research, reading and writing.

The English program has prepared him to write a grant, read, decipher and comprehend dense materials. He also writes cohesively so that a broad and diverse audience understands what it is that he is trying to convey. For this Tom credits the English program, in short, for preparing him to be an adult.

Tom was named one of Buffalo Business First "30 under 30" honorees in 2014.

Peter Lukasiewicz

Since graduating from Fredonia in May 2014, Peter started as an Editorial Intern at Prometheus Books in Amherst, NY. In less than a month he was hired as an Editorial Assistant primarily handling blurbs (endorsements on covers/jackets of books from authors), arranging permissions (experts, maps, photo, etc.) and entering publications into awards nationwide.

His time at Fredonia has prepared him for his career, which he enjoys because of the work and the people he interacts with.

“At any given point, I’m working on paperwork for ten books or so at various stages of completion and the variety of people I get to talk to … intellectual elite from around the world, authors with a finger on the pulse of the human condition, and artists whose work has touched my life. In short, I love what I do and it’s a privilege to work with such great people every day.”


Kim Luangpakdy

Kim graduated with her B.A. in English and public relations in 2008. She has possessed several jobs using skills from both degrees she obtained at Fredonia. Her previous jobs allowed her to gain skills in volunteer management, fundraising, special events and community involvement.

After working at Planned Parenthood of Western New York as a Community Engagement Officer, Kim is now the Director of Resource Development at The Buffalo History Museum in Buffalo, NY. Her role encompasses raising unrestricted general operating funds, grant writing, annual giving, and managing the membership program. Kim was named one of Buffalo Business First "30 under 30" honorees in 2014. Kim acknowledges, “My teachers, Dr. Steinberg, Dr. McRae and Dr. Jarvis, challenged me to think critically and to clearly communicate my ideas concisely, both verbally and in writing.”

catherineCatherine Colmerauer

Catherine Colmerauer, Class of 2010, used her English degree to embark on a career in journalism. She was previously the arts and entertainment reporter for The Sun News in Hamburg, N.Y. and a frequent contributor to Business First and the Buffalo Law Journal. She is currently the editor of the East Aurora Bee with Bee Group Newspapers, a group of nine weekly newspapers serving the suburbs of Buffalo, N.Y.

Andrew Garvey

Since graduating in 2011, Andrew Garvey worked in Frewsburg, Gowanda, and even Arizona before finally settling in teaching ELA to 7th and 9th graders at Randolph Central School. Besides teaching, he has been playing hockey, enjoying great books and video games, and getting back into theatre (recently playing Patsy in Spamalot and Oscar in The Odd Couple, both staged at Jamestown's Lucille Ball Little Theatre). Andrew Garvey married his long-time girlfriend in June of 2013 and lives in Jamestown with his two cats and dog.

Christie Nadratowski

Christie Nadratowski graduated from Fredonia in 2007 with dual degrees in English and Music Education. As Christie commented, “I can say with certainty that without the English department at Fredonia, I would not have had the opportunities to excel in my career.” She is currently working as an Administrator in Higher Education at Pace University. Christie is the sole Academic Advisor and Program Manager for the university’s online program, which is ranked third in the country. She is currently working on her Masters’ degree in Higher Education Administration Leadership. Christie is extremely pleased with the education she received from Fredonia and has gained positive feedback in her professional and academic pursuits. Christie shared, “Professors like Dr. McRae and Dr. Liggins shaped me into someone who is able to view problems holistically and can clearly communicate my thoughts and opinions in writing.”

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