English Course Descriptions

The English department's curriculum reflects an enlarged sense of culture, literacy, and history. The core of the curriculum emphasizes continuities over time and across continents. Retaining the riches of traditional English degrees, English courses at Fredonia also provide experiences from a larger world of texts and prepare students for emerging careers in pluralistic cultural contexts.

Before selecting a course, consider the following: You might find it useful to decide what is your purpose in selecting a course in English: curiosity? knowledge? involvement with issues? background for major or career? Have you consulted your advisor? Have you thought of asking for a conference with the instructor of the course?


Also consider:

  • It is strongly advised that you take a 200-level introductory course in literature before taking a 300-level course.
  • 300-level courses are studies that usually require some research, perhaps an oral report, probably a major paper. These courses are intended for the serious student, but not exclusively for English majors.
  • 400-and 500-level courses are for advanced students who are ready for specialized study and research.

Fall 2015 English Course Description Booklet

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Fall 2015 English Composition Course Description Booklet

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