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English Department Mission and Goals

English Department
277 Fenton Hall
State University of
New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3125
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Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

The Department of English has structured its undergraduate programs to provide students with opportunities to develop critical reading, writing and thinking strategies. In accordance with principles articulated by the Modern Language Association (MLA) and other professional organizations, English majors will:

  1. read attentively, closely, and critically;
  2. write thoughtfully, coherently, and persuasively;
  3. develop and challenge their own thinking through scholarly research.
  4. Candidates seeking initial and permanent/professional certification will also meet NCTE standards for the preparation of teachers of English Language Arts.

Graduate Learning Outcomes

Students in the graduate program will:
   1.  Broaden their understanding of English as a field and find their places within it;
   2.  Think critically about language and the contexts in which it is produced and received;
   3.  Engage with and apply multiple research methodologies in order to express themselves in written and other media.

Department Mission

The Department of English is a community of learners who bring different backgrounds and knowledge to their exploration of texts, in both words and images. Together, we work to understand how these texts respond to and shape their cultures and societies, explore ethical issues, and provide aesthetic and intellectual experiences for their audiences.

The Department helps students develop their abilities in interpretation and communication, reading and writing. It fosters their understanding of and respect for both individual and cultural commonalities and differences. It helps future English teachers develop the ideas and practices that will make them effective in the classrooms of an increasingly complex and diverse society.


In our courses, Fredonia's English Department helps students develop skills in a variety of forms (written, cinematic, electronic, for example) and in different contexts (aesthetic, cultural, historical, journalistic, philosophical, and political). Our graduates work for schools, journals, publishers, business firms, advertising and marketing firms, newspapers, non-profit and arts organizations and government agencies. They go on to graduate programs in English, Education, Business, American Studies, Journalism, Law, Library Science, Fine Arts, Women's Studies and Social Work. Every year, many choose to pursue our Master of Arts degree in English or our Master of Arts degree in English 7-12 for professional certification.

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