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Fredonia Faculty and Grad Alum present at National NCTE Conference in Boston, 2013

"Foreign Bodies"
M.A. Comprehensive Exam

Zweig at
Fredonia, 2014

Reed Library:  Oct 16 - Dec 15

English Graduate Programs

Fredonia’s English graduate program offers students the ability to gain breadth in the field of English studies while also enabling them to engage in significant research opportunities designed to help them achieve depth in a particular area of interest. Following ENGL 500, Introduction to Graduate Studies, students will select courses from the three streams, outlined below. Each semester, courses will be offered in each stream, complementing core courses such as ENGL 502, Directed Study, ENGL/ENED 690, Advanced Research Seminar, and ENGL 695, Graduate Capstone in English Studies, and ENGL/ENED 696, Degree Project Completion.

Course Streams
Texts, Contexts, Theories

Master of Arts in English Literature/English 7-12: Overview

Graduate students in Zweig archives

Graduate students Tulin Tosun, Heidi Frame,
Jesse Sherwood and Andy McGirr studying archival material
in the Stefan Zweig Collection, Reed Library


Graduate Learning Outcomes

Students in the Graduate Program will:

1. Broaden their understanding of English as a field
    and find their place within it;

2. Think critically about language and the contexts
     in which it is produced & received

3. Engage with and apply                          
    multiple research methodologies                           
    in order to express themselves in                          
    written & other media                   





*We are no longer enrolling students in the Master of Science in Education: English 7-12.  Students currently enrolled may consult degree requirements in the 2010-2011 University Catalog (page 74)

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