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University of Buffalo Humanities Institute

The University at Buffalo inaugurated its Humanities Institute in Fall 2005 with a conference entitled "New Futures: Humanities, Theory, Arts" that included major speakers across the disciplines.

Topics include "'Human' in an Age of Disposable People" (Prof. Rey Chow, Brown University); "Inclusion/Exclusion" (Prof. Ernesto Laclau, UB); "Cultural Agency" (Prof. Doris Sommer, Harvard University); "The Foreign, the Uncanny and the Foreigner: Concepts of the Self and the Other in Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Philosophy" (Prof. Rudi Visker, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium); "Ghost Effects" (Prof. Brian Rotman, Ohio State University); "Reading for Consolation: Irigaray and the Waning of Critique" (Prof. Elizabeth Weed, Brown University); "The Future of Literature: A Media Perspective" (Prof. N. Katherine Hayles, UCLA); "Politics and the Virtues of Mendacity" (Prof. Martin Jay, UC-Berkeley). Work by these important theorists and others provide contemporary theoretical perspectives on these issues.

The Humanities Institute website provides more information on the inaugural conference as well as upcoming events:

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