American Literature/Studies Courses
Bruce Simon
Associate Professor
English Department
The State University of New York at Fredonia

Graduate Seminars
American Identities (f13)
Haunting America (s07)
Historical Re-Visions in American Literature: The American Renaissance and the Harlem Renaissance (s03)
American Migration Narratives (f01)
New World Slavery and the Transatlantic Imagination (s00)
Hawthorne and Morrison (s99)

Undergraduate Courses
American Identities (s15, f13, s13, f12, s12, f11, s10, s09, s06)
Fantasy Fiction (f14, f10)
American Literary Roots (s14)
Science Fiction (s14, s12, s08, s05)
Introduction to African American Literature and Culture (s13, f08, s05, f03, s01, f99)
American Romanticism (s12, s06, s03, s01)
American Popular and Mass Cultures (f09)
Tolkien, Donaldson, Pullman (f09)
Black Women Writers (s09)
Harlem Renaissance (s09, s03)
Postcolonial Hawthorne (f07, s07, f06)
Representing Japan in American Culture (s07, f06)
The Making of America and Americans (f06)
Mission and Migration in American Culture (f05, f04)
Philip K. Dick and Kim Stanley Robinson (su05)
Realism and Naturalism in American Literature (f04)
Faulkner and Company (su04, s04)
Migration and Mobility in American Culture (f03)
Literatures of Early America (f02)
Survey of American Literature (f02)
American Migration Narratives (s02)
Melville and Silko (f00)
American Landmarks (f00)
Routes to American Literature (s00)
American Modernisms (f98)

Summer Workshops
Images of America (su97)

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