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American Identities News, Spring 2006

Hey, everyone. I'll be putting announcements on this page having to do with course requirements, changes in these web pages, and other matters. I recommend looking here every time you visit the course web site!

I strongly recommend you check out the Identification Project papers available at the American Identities blog. It's not too late to join in: just send me an email indicating your interest, and I'll send you an invitation.

I've put recent announcements on the Blackboard site, so go there if you feel you missed any. Here, I just wanted to note that my office hours for the week are: M 2-4, T 11-12:30, 2-3:30, W 11-2, Th 11-12:30, 2-3:30, F 12-3. During exam week I'll be available by appointment; with the new baby home and Kuniko and I on our own until after the end of exam week, I'm going to be staying home as much as possible, so email is the preferred way to consult. I'll announce office hours for exam week later, once I get a feel for how people's appointments are shaping up.

Please check out the identification project assignment sheet and advice page for the final change in the due date for the IP, to this Friday.

Sorry, I've had to push back the identification project to next Thursday.

I've changed the due date for the Identification Paper, again. My apologies. I've also revised the Service Learning Project assignment sheet.

The due date for the Identification Paper has been changed, as have the options for the format in which to do it. Also, I'm cancelling my Friday office hours so I can attend the Mary Louise White Symposium. You all may find the panel I'm chairing Thursday evening interesting to attend in particular, but I recommend attending as much of this event as you can. Click here for details.

The Service Learning Project assignment sheet is now up and running.

The Discussion Leading Project assignment sheet is now up and running.

The Identification Project assignment sheet is now up and running. The due date for the identity paper has been pushed back to Th 2/9.

I am changing my Friday office hours from 12-3 to 9-12 from now on. Also, the reading response advice page is up and running, with more to come soon.

Welcome to the course! Please feel free to explore the site to see what links are active. As more become active, I'll let you know here. Over three-quarters of the class has already joined the course blackboard.fredonia.edu site; if you haven't done so yet, please see the instructions on the main page (Part VIIIB of the syllabus).

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