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Literary/Critical Links

I will be updating this list of links over the rest of the semester. My aim is to be selective and choose the most useful sites for context and research. This list represents only the tip of the iceberg; to get a sense of the range of pages out there on the various authors and topics related to this course, I highly recommend that you search on your own by going to any web search engine (I think hotbot and alta vista are the best for looking up specific things; yahoo!, excite, infoseek, and lycos are good if you want an overview of what's out there). Please email me with suggestions for additions to this list at simon@fredonia.edu.

On Writing Well

Research Sites

On Individual Authors

Margaret Atwood

Charles Chesnutt

Mahasweta Devi

Louise Erdrich

Zora Neale Hurston

Henry James

James Joyce

Maxine Hong Kingston

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Toni Morrison

Leslie Marmon Silko

Electronic Text Archives

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