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Science Fiction News, Spring 2005

Hey, everyone. I'll be putting announcements on this page having to do with course requirements, changes in these web pages, and other matters. I recommend looking here every time you visit the course web site--at least once a week.

Here are my office hours for the rest of the semester. After my regular hours today, I'm available by appointment on Thursday afternoon after 1 pm, and, during the exam week: M 10-3:30 (from 1:30-3:30 I'll be in Thompson E-120 with my ENGL216-02 class, but anyone is welcome to stop by); T 9-3 (from 9-10:30 I'll be in Thompson E-316 with my INDS/HIST 220 class, but anyone is welcome to stop by); W 1-6 (from 4-6 I'll be in Fenton 176 with my ENGL/INDS240 class, but anyone is welcome to stop by), F 1-5 (from 1:30 to 3:30 I'll be in Thompson E-120 with my ENGL 216-01 class, but anyone is welcome to stop by); and by appointment.

I've updated the Group Research Project page to clarify the requirements for the activities log.

The due date for the third critical essay has been pushed back to F 4/22/05.

The revised assignment sheet for the Group Research Project is up and running. Please come to class with specific suggestions for revision.

Here are my office hours for the rest of the week: T 10-1, W 2-3, Th 2-4, and by appointment.

Hey all, the assignment sheet for the last critical essay set of options is up and running.

Hey all, I've revised the main page and added the Individual Research Project page to reflect our decision to allow those who want to opt out of the Group Research Project to propose and execute an alternative project. Please see the Blackboard site for a new discussion thread on whether and how we need to revise the GRP in light of opt-outs for the IRP.

Hey all, I'll have some extra office hours this Thursday: 1-3:30, 5:30-7. Also, please check your email and the Blackboard site for an important announcement about the Group Research Project.

Recap of office hours for this week: M 2-4, T 10-4, W 2-4, TH 2-4, F 2-3. I'm available to discuss mid-term grades, past or upcoming writing assignments, or any other aspect of the course. Drop in or make an appointment to see me!

Hey all, the assignment sheet for the second critical essay is up and running. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving it, including other options you want to see available.

Hey all, I just found out I have an emergency meeting scheduled for 2 pm today, so I'm changing my office hours to 2:30-4 today. Sorry for the late notice!

Hey all, I apologize for cancelling classes and office hours yesterday; on the bright side, you have until today at 5 to turn in your critical essay.

Hey all, I finally came up with a fourth option for the first critical essay! So check it out and compare it to the older three and see if you want to change your plans for the essay due Monday at 5!

Hey all, I have to change my office hours tomorrow from 2-3 to 11-12. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey all, I just checked with the Blackboard administrator and it turns out I have to add you into the group(s) you want to be a part of, so once you've registered for the site, let me know, and I'll do that--if you want to be able to get into any others groups, let me know that, as well.

Hey all, the long-awaited Group Research Project page and Blackboard site are up and running. Check them out ASAP. To register for the ENGL 216 Blackboard site after you've logged on, you'll need to check your email for the password--I just sent it out over the listserv--or see me during class Monday. Please keep this password private--I don't want anyone not in the course to have access to your contact information or to our planning process. We'll discuss both the assignment sheet and the Blackboard site in class Monday.

Hey all, the overview of the critical essay is up and running, as is a draft of the assignment sheet for the first essay.

Hey all, the reflective essay advice page is finally up and running and I also updated the links page this weekend.

Hey all, I have to change my office hours for today due to a candidate visit and a doctor's appointment for my daughter: 10-12 only (although I will be able to meet with the GTP group with whom I've made an appointment at 4:30). I'll be adding extra office hours on Thursday to make it easier for people to meet with me this week: 1-5.

Hey all, good news--the additional copies of Heinlein and Haldeman arrived in the bookstore this morning. Also, I've revised the main page to include (in Section VIII) the names of the members of the groups doing the group teaching projects for the writers that you all have chosen. Please note the date your project is scheduled for, and let me know if your name should appear differently at all and if you absolutely need to be switched to another group. For more information on the group teaching project, the link in Section VI of the main page is now working, or you can just click here to get to it. I've already made appointments with the Haldeman groups to meet next week to give feedback on their teaching plans; the Card and Robinson groups should be arranging next week ways of contacting each other and decide soon on a day/time to meet with me as well. Finally, a reminder to use the troubleshooting guide if you're having trouble joining the listserv and to explore the links page when you get a chance. You may propose sites to be added to the links page for extra credit; feel free to do so anytime by sending me a link or links over email. Thanks.

Welcome to the course! Please feel free to explore the site to see what other links are active. As more get activated, I'll let you know here!

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ENGL 216: Science Fiction, Spring 2005
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