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I will be updating this list of links over the rest of the semester. My aim is to be selective and choose the most useful sites for context and research. This list represents only the tip of the iceberg; to get a sense of the range of pages out there on the various authors and topics related to this course, I highly recommend that you search on your own by going to any web search engine (I think google is the absolute best for looking up specific things, although hotbot and northern lights are pretty good; yahoo!, excite, infoseek, and lycos are good if you want an overview of what's out there). Please email me with suggestions for additions to this list at bruce.simon@fredonia.edu.

Table of Contents

Cheap Books

Electronic Text Archives

On Researching and Writing Well

General Research Sites

Literary and Cultural Studies Research Sites

Black Studies Information and Research Sites

Black History Month

Reference and General Sites

Historical Sites

Literary Studies Sites

Cultural Studies Sites

Black Studies Programs

Other (Intro to) African American Literature Courses

On Authors and Movements

Toni Cade Bambara

Erna Brodber

Gwendolyn Brooks

Aime Cesaire

Charles Chesnutt

Michelle Cliff

Lucille Clifton

Edwidge Danticat

Julie Dash

Angela Davis

Martin Delany

Frederick Douglass

Rita Dove

W.E.B. Du Bois

Paul Laurence Dunbar

Ralph Ellison

Olaudah Equiano

Paul Gilroy

Stuart Hall

Lorraine Hansberry

Harlem Renaissance

Frances E.W. Harper

Wilson Harris

Merle Hodge

Zora Neale Hurston

Langston Hughes

Harriet Jacobs

C.L.R. James

June Jordan

Jamaica Kincaid

George Lamming

Nella Larsen

Audre Lorde

Toni Morrison

Gloria Naylor

Ann Petry

Caryl Phillips

Sonia Sanchez

Jean Toomer

Derek Walcott

Alice Walker

Richard Wright


Manifest Destiny


M A I N * N E W S * L I N K S * R E S E R V E S

ENGL 240: Intro to African American Lit and Culture, Spring 2001
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