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Hey, everyone. I'll be putting announcements on this page having to do with course requirements, changes in these web pages, and other matters. I recommend looking here every time you visit the course web site--at least once a week.

Here's a preview of my office hours for next week: M 9:30-4:30; T 10-5; W 11-4; Th 1-4; F 2:30-5. Check here for any changes.

A few reminders:

OK, good luck this home stretch and have a great break if I happen not to see you before you leave!

Here's a summary of my office hours for the week: M 10-12, 2:30-4; T 9-9:30, 5-6 by appointment; W 10-12, 2:30-5; Th 9-9:30, 5-6 by appointment; F 10-12, 2-5.

Please be aware of the new extra credit option for the critical essays explained at ce.htm.

Here's a preview of my office hours the rest of the week: W 9-12, 2:30-5; Th before 9:30 and after 5 by appointment; F 10-12 and by appointment before 3.


My apologies for having to change my office hours to 11:15-12, 2:30-4 today--car and doctor's appointments lasted longer than expected this morning. See you all tomorrow!

Hey all, my apologies for being sick yesterday. I hate cancelling classes, and particularly when it's one bringing the "Nation" unit to a close. Why don't we spend part of Tuesday's class looking back on that unit through a focus on some of the poems you were writing about on the listserv, and the other part looking ahead to the "World" unit and its focus on Gloria Naylor's novel, Mama Day (along with whatever you find relevant in the selections from the anthology)?

Due to a department meeting, I have to change my Friday office hours to: 10-12, 2-3.

Hey all, I've made some major additions to the site--I've added assignment sheets for the third critical essay and for the final project; I've changed the main page to reflect the new due dates for these projects and to include the proposal that's due on 11/21/03; and I've created a rough draft of the introductory page on the world unit. Please let me know if you have questions about any of these topics or pages!

Hey everyone, Happy Halloween. A few notes about office hours as we approach the course advising/selection period. First off, though, please be aware that I have extended office hours today: 10-4. Next Monday, my hours will be 10:30-3:30. Next Wednesday, my hours will be 10-4. Then we hit advising week. My hours for that week will be by appointment according to the following schedule: F 9-12, 1-3; M 9-12, 1-4; T 5-6:30; W 9-12, 1-4.

Here's how it's going to work. I have a sign-up sheet on my door for my advisees, who have to meet with me to discuss their plans for the spring semester. They have first dibs on the sign-up sheet, for a time. My advisees have been told they need to sign up for a time between Friday 11/7 and Wednesday 11/12 well in advance of that time. If they procrastinate, they're in danger of missing a chance to see me. Here's how it works. If you want to see me , you'll need to come to my office and check out the sign-up sheet--you can sign up for a time no earlier than the day before you want to see me. For instance, if you want to see me on Friday 11/7, come on Thursday and see if there are any slots open on the sign-up sheet; if so, take one. If not, come back Friday and see if there are any slots open for Monday 11/10; if so, take one. To put the same point another way, you can't sign up for a time on Tuesday 11/11 until Monday.

This system is designed to allow my advisees a first shot at making an appointment with me during advising week, but to still give my students a chance to see me during that time, as well.

Had to change my afternoon office hours today (morning stayed the same)--because the roofer who's been avoiding me for months finally showed up, just before the plumber did--so the new afternoon hours are 4-5. Apologies for the short notice--I had no idea they'd come at the same time!

I've updated the assignment sheet for the second critical essay to include my grading criteria and advice on the audience you should imagine for your essay.

New office hours today: 11:30-4. Also, check out the new introduction to the nation unit!

Hey all, my apologies for not realizing that my wife and I had scheduled a doctor's appointment for this morning sooner--I had to shift my office hours to 2-5 today.

I've pushed the due date for the second critical essay back to Monday, 11/3, and the due date for the third critical essay to Monday, 12/1.

My new (and expanded) office hours for Friday: 12-5.

Please click here for the link to the assignment sheet for the second critical essay.

I forgot I have a dentist's appointment at 10:30 this morning. So here are my new (and expanded) office hours for today: 1:15-4:45.

Hey all, Dinecia caught a typo on the critical essay, page, which I've just fixed--the second critical essay is due 10/27, not today! I'll get that assignment sheet up and running as soon as possible!

Hey all, my department mentors have informed me that I am crazy to be in the office during a move to my first home, so I'm going to push back my office hours until the move is done. I'll only be in the office from 1-3 today. Apologies for the late notice!

Changed the main page a bit in light of our discussion in class following my announcements yesterday. We're going to make Th 10/9 a "reading day"--that is, you'll still be responsible for having done the reading for that class, but we won't meet as a class. So on T 10/14, we're going to have to be very organized in the way we approach comparing the debates among essayists over the meaning of the Harlem Renaissance from 10/9 with the debates among poets, fiction writers, and autobiographers from 10/14.

Also, I'm extending my office hours today: 10-1, 2-5. This in part to make up for missed hours in the past week and for my having to cancel my office hours this coming Friday and next Wednesday.

The introduction to the city unit is up and running.

Turns out the white supremacist rally was something of a false alarm--or at least much smaller than previously thought and not affiliated in any way with UB. But dealing with the closing on my new house--yeah!--and the affiliated errands took up my entire day--boo! So I had to cancel my office hours today. Looking ahead, the next few weeks are going to be crazy. I'm attending a state-wide delegate assembly for the faculty/professionals union at SUNY (of which Fredonia is one chapter among many) this coming Friday and Saturday, so there goes my Friday office hours. I'm also going to have to cancel my office hours next Wednesday (the day after October break), 10/8/03, because my wife and I will be moving that day (assuming all goes well with the cleaning, the packing and unpacking, and the work that needs to be done on the house before we move). So I'll do my best to schedule extra hours this coming Wednesday. Oh, and I just found out that my wife has an interview with the INS (actually now the BCIS) to complete her green card application on Th 10/9--an interview I'm required to attend. So I'm looking into getting a "sub" for that class. More on that later.

Jeez, now there's a white supremacist rally going on at UB this weekend and as faculty advisor to the BSU I have to attend an emergency e-board meeting at 3, so my office hour today have to be revised again: 1-3 pm. Sorry!

Hey all, I'm closing on a house on Monday and Friday morning is the only time I can schedule the final walk-through, so my new office hours for tomorrow are: 1-3:30. Apologies for the late notice.

I've updated the reading response advice page to clarify the distinction between a full-blown reading response and an extra-credit follow-up response.

As we discussed in class yesterday, I have changed the time reading responses are due each week from 6 to 10 pm. See the main page for details.

Change in plans for my office hours tomorow: I'll be in from 9:45-1:45 Friday. I have a 2 pm meeting that looks like it's going to be a long one, so I'm shifting my hours around a bit.

I've also put up an overview of the critical essays and a rough draft of the assignment sheet for the first critical essay. Please read both and come see me, call me, or email me with comments and/or questions. I'll be revising this page over the next few days and perhaps adding options, as well. So if anything's unclear or if you're not satisfied with the range of options, please let me know. Hopefully by next Monday I'll get enough feedback from you all that I can let you know that the assignment sheet is in its final form.

To confirm the email I sent to the list last night, I'm announcing a change to my office hours for today: 10:45-12:15, 2:45-5. Also, now that everyone is subscribed to the course listserv, I'm going to be sending several emails to the list: one with all the announcements we've had thus far on the list from me and one with all the reading responses we've had thus far on the list from you all, so that's everyone's "on the same page" and you can check to see that I've received what you have sent; also I'll be sending my lecture notes for the talk I had planned to give in class yesterday, but was prevented from doing by my lateness due to having to take my wife for an emergency doctor's visit (she's going to be ok!).

Just got word from the library that virtually all of the books on reserve are now available at the circulation desk of the library. So, for an up-to-date list of what's available now, go to the library; for a list of what will be avilable, go to the reserves page. The pages that introduce each unit--the Race, Culture, Identity page and the Country page--also have many suggestions for further reading and research, and a good number of those books are available on reserve or on the stacks in the library (others would have to be ordered using inter-library loan).

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm extending my office hours for tomorrow (Friday)--I'll be there from 9-3 instead of from 10-12, 2:30-3:30, primarily to give my American Studies students a chance to meet with me if they have any questions about the first critical essay or if they want me to look over a first draft, but open to everyone. Depending on the response from them tomorrow, I may also have extended office hours on Monday.

Hey all, I found out late yesterday evening that I had some errands to do this morning that couldn't be avoided, so my apologies for the late notice in the following change of office hours for today: they will be held from 11-5 instead of 10-12, 2:30-3:30.

Because of an emergency meeting this afternoon, I've had to reschedule my office hours today. I'll be in the office from 10-2 instead of 10-12, 2:30-3:30. I've also updated the introduction to the next unit of the course, the country unit and put up the list of reserve readings for the course--check these pages out when you get a chance.

I've updated several pages and added the links page to the course web site. If you find good web sites to add to it, please send me their addresses (URLs) and if I add them to the page, you'll receive some extra credit in your preparation/participation grade.

Just wanted to let you all know that I've modified the main page to correspond with the addition of the Cullen sonnet to today's readings and moved a reading from 9/30/03 up to 9/23/03--see the main page for details. Be sure to modify your syllabi accordingly so that we're all "on the same page."

Welcome to the course! Please see the Race, Culture, Identity page for an introduction to the course. And explore the site to see what links are active. As more become active, I'll let you know here!

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