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Critical News

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the course. (Our first order of business is to come up with a cool name for me to call you all. "Critics" or "theorists" is a bit dry, and "critical readers" is a bit dumb. Extra credit to someone who can come up with a better tag.) I'll be putting announcements on this page having to do with course requirements, changes in these web pages, and other matters. Between this page and the main page, you should get a good sense of what's new and upcoming in the course. So I recommend checking out both those pages every time you visit the course web site--at least once a week.


A few reminders and announcements:


Don't forget that we're meeting at the same critical theory time, same critical theory channel--T 9:30 in our regular classroom--for a peer review session, course evaluations, bagels and donuts, and wrapping up the course.

My office hours for next week are M-F 10:30-4. Come on in if you want to discuss any aspect of the course with me or get feedback on a draft of your final essay.

In terms of getting these papers back to you, you may either pick them up from me when you return to campus next semester or include a large self-addressed envelope when you turn them in, so that I can mail them back to you.

It's home stretch time, people! You can do it!


I'm having extra office hours this week--staying past 4:30 on T, W, Th, and changing my Friday hours to be from 10-3. See me or email me if you have any questions about any aspect of the course.


Hopefully this will be my last change to my office hours this semester. I'm attending a conference on Friday, so have to cancel my Th and F afternoon hours. In their stead, I'll be available for extended hours the rest of the week: T 3:30-5, W 1:30-4:30, 8:30-9:30, 11-11:30.


I have to change my office hours a bit this week, even from what I announced on the listserv earlier in the week. T was as usual, but today I'm available from 10-2, Th 3:30-5:30, F 12-4.


Hey all, I've changed the main page's syllabus to reflect the changes we agreed upon in class. I recommend you print out the new syllabus or note the changes on your own copy of the old syllabus. A reminder: although people have been picking up the pace with both their discussion question and reflective essay since break, too many people are still neglecting this important part of your final grade. If you haven't yet picked up your mid-term grades from your advisors, please do so, and realize that if you do exactly the same in the second half of the course as the first, that mid-term grade will account for 45% of your final grade.


Hey everyone, hope you have a wonderful break. Just wanted to gives you a heads-up on a few important matters to consider before our next class meeting.

OK, that's about it. Enjoy the break, be safe, and bring Devi to the beach if you're lucky enough to be going to one!


I've updated the proposal page and the links page, in light of questions people have asked me recently.


To make up for break cutting off my Friday office hours, I'm extending my T-Th hours. I'll be in my office T 3:30-5:30, W 10-12, 1-5:30, and TH 3:30-5:30. Stop by if you have any questions about the proposal for the final research project, the email I'm sending this afternoon about past paper topics, your mid-term grade, or any other aspect of the course.


I have to restructure my office hours this week a bit. My TTH hours remain the same, but on W I'll only be available to meet from 10-12, 1-3, and F 10-12, 3-4.


Hey all, don't forget that you have to turn in a proposal for your final essay before you leave for spring break. I'll be updating these pages in light of any questions you have about them, so please come to Tuesday's class with questions and/or email them to me.

I have to change my office hours for F 3/8: due to a meeting, I'll switch them two hours earlier from 2-4:30 to 12-2:30....


Hey folks, I've updated the links page to include more links on William Shakespeare and Mahasweta Devi. You can get to it by clicking on the appropriate link on the top and bottom of every page on the course web site.


Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I have to reschedule my office hours for this coming Friday. Since I have meetings at 3 and 4 pm, I'm changing my F hours to 10 am -12 noon, 1-3 pm.


I've updated the group pedagogical project page and the reflective essay page in light of questions people in the class have asked me. Please consult the former at least 2 weeks before doing your group pedagogical project and the latter before doing a reflective essay. Thanks!


Hey folks, an initial draft of the group pedagogical project assignment sheet is available by clicking here and the link on the main page is now active, as well. If you have any questions about any of the course assignments, please let me know in class, in my office, or over email. I'll be revising the assignment sheets to clarify any confusion-causing parts over the next few days, but I won't know for sure what's confusing unless you tell me. Please do. Thanks!


Hey all, we start the regular portion of the course next week, where we begin focusing on particular contexts for criticism and critical controversies. I'll be teaching both classes next week--and trying to model different ways of achieving the goals for the group pedagogical project--but after that pretty much every week that's not devoted to literature will have its Thursday run by the students doing its group pedagogical presentation. The group going during week 5 (formalism) should meet with me next week before Thursday to go over their plans for the following Thursday's class with me.

Which reminds me that I'll be in the office till 5 pm today, but have to cancel my office hours for tomorrow due to my travelling to my faculty union's delegate assembly in Albany. To replace those missing Friday hours, I'll be available in the office from 1-4 pm on Monday.

OK, have a productive weekend, and see you Tuesday!


I've updated the main page to include recent enrollment attrition. The way people leaving the class has worked out is to leave two groups--weeks 13 and 14--with only one person each. Does anyone want to leave a group of four to join either one of those groups? Please email me at your earliest convenience if you do wish to switch. Ideally, we'll have seven groups of 3 people and one of 4 when all this is done.

Also email me if you'd like for me to reserve a place for you at either of the library on-line research tutorials I emailed you all about on the course listserv. The two that I thought might be of most use were on "Internet Searching Skills" (2/12, 6-7:30) and "English" (2/28, 5:30-7).

By the way, tickets for the 2/12 Jane Elliott talk go on sale today for the general public--so get your student discount before they get snapped up by faculty and community folks!


Hey all, I've added a new page on discussion questions to follow up on my answers to your questions last class. I've also put up pages on the reflective essays, the final critical/theoretical essay, and the proposal for the final essay. If there's anything unclear on these pages or something that needs further elaboration, please let me know.


Hey folks, due to a department meeting, I have to curtail my office hours tomorrow a bit. Since I have to take off at 3, let's say I'll be there (Fenton 240) from 1-3 pm.


I've put up a tentative schedule for the group pedagogical presentations, based on the preferences you expressed on your questionnaires. 24 people got their first choice and 5 got their second choice. You'll note that there are many groups of 4, which is fine, but if anyone wants to move to week 14 or 15, please let me know, as there is room in both weeks.

As of this evening, only 13 people had subscribed to the course listserv. See below for the link, which is also on the main page, if you need troubleshooting help! I expect everyone to be subscribed to the list before Thursday's class....

I've added a page that gives a complete list of reserve readings; links to it can be found at the top and bottom of every page on this course web site.


The main page, links page, and listserv subscription guide are up and running. My regular office hours for this week are cancelled, but I am available by appointment if you need to see me before the next regularly scheduled office hour: T 3:30-4:30.... Just drop me a line at simon@fredonia.edu.

And remember, as you're reading the short essays for Tuesday's class, we'll be discussing the reasons for requiring a course like this for English majors at Fredonia. Other reminders: be sure to join the course listserv ASAP, consider using the 5 days between our last class and next one to read ahead into next Thursday's readings, and come to class with any questions you may have about the syllabus and the course. See you all next week!

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