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Critical Readings on Reserve

I have put quite a few works on reserve at Reed Library. When preparing your group pedagogical project or final paper, some of these works may well come in handy. Please be aware that some of the following works had to be ordered, and may not have arrived yet. Although I will periodically update this list to indicate when newly-ordered books have arrived at the circulation desk, your best bet for the most up-to-date availability results is to check the list in the black book at the Circulation Desk. You can also go to the Reed Library web site for a link to the on-line catalog.

To get one of these books, go to the Circulation Desk, find the black binder marked S-Z, look up my name and course # in the binder, find the book and call # you want, and ask the attendant to get it for you (sorry, you can only take one at a time). You'll need to bring your SUNY Card to check the book out; it can't leave the library, unless you get it at the very end of the day (in which case you have to bring it back first thing in the morning or face steep fines). Please be considerate of others who may need to use the book, and return it promptly to the desk after you are done using it.

Contemporary References

Classic References

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ENGL 345: Critical Reading, Spring 2002
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