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Critical Reading News, Fall 2005

Hey, everyone. I'll be putting announcements on this page having to do with course requirements, changes in these web pages, and other matters. I recommend looking here every time you visit the course web site!

Hey all, here are my office hours for the rest of the semester:

OK, folks, thanks for your patience in dealing with my family emergencies changing our schedule this week. My office hours this week were mixed up as a result; M was normal but T was 10:30-12, 2-5:30, W and Th were cancelled, and today's are 10-12, 1-2. I'll have xtra office hours to make up for that.

I'll be in the office this week normal hours M and then T 8-10:30, 2-4; W 10-12, 1-2; Th 9-12, 2-3; F 10-12, 1-2.

Hey all, due to unavoidable emergency daddy duties, I had to change my Th OH to 5-6, as I announced over email, so today (F) I'm in from 10-2.

Office hours this week: M 9-2; T 10-12; W 1-2; Th 9-12; F 11-2.

Hey all, the assignment sheet for the final research project is up and running. Check it out and come to classes in the next few weeks with any questions that occur to you.

Office hours this week: M 10:30-2; T 9:30-12; W 11-12, 1-2; Th 8-9:30, 10:50-12; F 12-2.

Office hours this week: M 8-2; T 9-11:30.

Hey all, the list of works for the Team Presentation Project is up and running. Check it out and come to class with any questions about your choices. Plus, I'll be having extra office hours tomorrow 11-12 (in addition to my usual 1-2 hours) and Friday 11-2 (adding onto my usual 1-2 hours).

Extra office hours this week were today 10-12 (in addition to the usual 1-2, which I came late tyo due to a department meeting that ran over) and will be Th 2-3 (and possibly later--by appointment--in addition to the usual 9-12 OH) and F 10-1 (and possibly earlier--by appointment--in addition to the usual 1-2 OH). There will be more office hours next week to make up for the fact that I had to cancel office hours Tuesday, due to my moderating a panel for the conference Fredonia is co-organizing down at Chautauqua Institution.

Hey all, I'm having office hours today from 9:30-11:30 to make up a little bit for cancelling office hours tomorrow and Friday (I'm heading to Albany for a union meeting). I'll have some extra hours next week, as well.

Hey all, I've got the links, team pedagogical project, discussion questions, and reflective essays pages up and running--finally! Sorry for the delay.

Due to a small listserv snafu, some of the people who signed up for the list earliest accidentally got signed up for an old list, which then got deleted. So if you got a "welcome to the listserv" message last week but didn't receive any messages from your peers late last week or early this week, be sure to go through the subscription process again. And if you're having trouble, please contact me and/or forward me any error messages you're getting.

Welcome to the course! Please feel free to explore the site to see what links are active. As more become active, I'll let you know here.

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