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Excellent Observations and Questions

Here are the names of the people who got "+'s" on their reading responses for Week I, along with excerpts from people's observations and a list of the "top 10" questions asked. (Note: when listing the questions, I'll always copy the wording from the first time the question was asked and put the author's name first in the list of names in parentheses after the question, so that everyone who asked a roughly similar question gets some recognition, but the first person who asked it gets more.)

Week I: Leone

Honor Roll: Andrea Caccese, Mike Copella, Adam Di Palma, Alex Herrera, Megan Hulbert, Russ Leo, Jessica Scirto, William Smith.


Top 10+ Questions

1. I do not think that the question should be what are the issues that Leone is trying to bring up, but rather why is he bringing up these issues? (Jessica Scirto)

2. What was Rachel's main purpose for having Dr. Kenton see her again? Was it so that he would see her with all the agony and betrayel? Was it so that he would feel bad for never coming back for her? Or was it simply to meet their son? (Sarah Boyle, Kristen Schoonover)

3. Is Paul Leone making some sort of racial or social statement in ["Daniel Kenton"], as the setting and the ghost, the two major forces opposing the main character, are of Indian origin? (Russ Leo) Could the doctor have impregnted Rachel when on one of his drinking spees as a college student? If so, did he leave town to get away from responsibility to a half indian child? Were mixed racial relations accepted back in 1912? If not could this social attitude have affected the doctors life in some other way? (Adam Di Palma, Celeste Creel)

4. Assuming that the revelation at the ending [of "Daniel Kenton"] is accurate, is it a happy or a sad finish? (Russ Leo, Stephanie Armstrong, I'Lema Codrington)

5. Leone implied in the foreword that ghosts return to right wrongs, or to finish business... what exactly would be "the wrong" in this case, if in fact Mr. Damon did kill his wife in a fit of rage? (which I believe wasn't the case) (Brad Beck)

6. What is considered a ghost story? Are ghost stories supposed to scare you, or they just to show the existance of ghosts? (Amy Keister)

7. Is there such a thing as a stereotypical idea of what a ghost is? (Alex Herrera)

8. Why is there little is any physical contact with the people bealived to be ghosts? Also, why is there very little verbal communication with any of the ghost characters? Finally, I am cuerious as to why there can not be any prolonged relationships with there ghosts? (Ryan Barone, Karine Torlet)

9. I have a general question, are these stories at all taken from real events or are they all flights of the authors fantasy? (Kris Krajewski, Tom Priester, Jake Proper, Jessica Sandeen, Alex Herrera, Holli Neal, Kristine Cuomo)

10. Do you think that Chautauqua County fits the description that Leone gives it in the foreword? (Jesse Reiter, Jeff Green, Alex Herrera)

11. In todays society people react to ghost and ghost stories in fear, why? (Kristen Konieczny)

12. Why would someone rather read to a ghost story than one of live human beings? (David Dunning)

13. Is an individual's beliefs concerning ghosts closely related to that individuals religious beliefs? (Bill Belscher)

14. How does the setting affect the outcome of each story? (Beth Prechtl)

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