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Critical Response Essay #2: Assignment Sheet

Due: Friday, 11/19/99, in the envelope outside my office door (Fenton 240) by 4:00 pm.

Format: 4-6 pages (roughly 800-1800 words), with a title and a heading that includes the course number or title, your name, and the date; word-processed; double-spaced; font Times 12 point or similar; preferably laser-printed. [Please be aware that you'll get a better grade if you first develop your ideas fully, without feeling that you have to stop at a certain page or word limit, and then go back and condense, cut, and otherwise revise to be as concise and clear as possible. Don't let the page limit limit your exploration of ideas.]

Assignment: You have several options for your second critical response paper; unlike the first essay, however, I am giving you the option of choosing your own question to answer for this essay.

Texts: You must choose to focus on at least one of the texts from the "Haunted Fictions" unit in the course.

Criteria for Evaluation: See the comments and tips for rewriting on the first critical response essay for a detailed sense of the qualities I look for in an argument-driven, persuasive essay.

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