Stephen D. Warner

Emeritus Professor of English

B.A. Dickinson College

M.A., Ph.D. Indiana University

"What do you teach?" the student asked.
"Do you esteem the arts?
What is your worth? Can you be thought
A man of many parts?"

"Of many parts," the answer came,
"Of parts both great and small;
Of some that will not be disjoined,
Of some not joined at all.

For what we are is surely made
Of stuff both good and bad,
Of substances that make us strong
Or angry, weak, or mad,

Or wise or learned, pensive, happy,
Gay, depressed, morose,
Impatient, steady, slow to act,
Grim, sprightly, bellicose.

Of which of these, you ask, may you
Grow rich by usufruct?
The challenge is for you my friend,
To learn to deconstruct!


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