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Writers & Books is a non-profit literary center that promotes reading and writing to all ages and backgrounds in Rochester, NY. While Writers & Books offers a multitude of literary opportunities within the community, our largest program is SummerWrite, a nine-week program we hold each summer for elementary through high school students interested in language arts. Former classes have included everything from writing poetry and fiction to Harry Potter Fan Fare, Shakespeare's Stage, Directing for Film and Video, Comedy Improv, Writing the College Admissions Essay, Writers & Cooks, and Writing and Riding, among many other programs. The classes are taught by local educators and professionals and can span one day through a full week. The classes are also co-taught by SummerWrite Apprentices, and Writers & Books is looking for SUNY Fredonia students to join our SummerWrite Apprenticeship Program.

The apprentices will choose classes within which they will function as teaching assistants, so the position would be ideal for English, Education, or Creative Writing majors. However, because of our vast array of class subjects and materials, any liberal arts major would be a great fit. Those chosen to participate in the SummerWrite Apprenticeship program would be trained in general teaching responsibilities as well as First Aid/CPR. Apprentices are also responsible for overseeing the daily lunch period and will gain valuable experience in teaching, as well as working with children within a non-profit setting throughout the program. The position is available for three credits and/or a small stipend, and roughly forty hours a week for three to five weeks. We are willing to work with students and advisors to award credit and it's a really fun program that provides a great experience for potential teachers/writers.

Application Process:

If interested in a SummerWrite Apprenticeship position, the applicant must email Kristen Zory King at kristenk@wab.org with a general inquiry including name, rank, and major/minor. An application form will them be emailed or mailed to the applicant’s address. The form must be completed fully, and submitted along with one to two writing samples (creative or otherwise) that demonstrate the applicant’s literary ability. The writing samples should be no longer than five pages each. In addition, each application must include two references. The references cannot be related to the applicant, however they can include past employers, teachers, or individuals that can speak to the applicant’s various qualities. Please submit the application to: Writers & Books, Attn: SummerWrite Apprenticeship, 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607 or email to kristenk@wab.org. All materials must be received by the deadline of Friday, April 11, 2014 by 5:00PM.

Interviews will take place in early May 2014. We will contact you to schedule an interview as needed, and are happy to arrange a phone or skype interview if the applicant is unable to come to Rochester. Students can choose which summer session they wish to be assigned to depending on availability and where help is needed. Please be aware that this program takes place in Rochester, NY, and participants will thus need to be in the greater Rochester area for their required SummerWrite weeks. Housing is not available at this time. In addition, participants are required to attend two mandatory training sessions in June, prior to the start of the apprenticeship.

For more information, or to submit an application, contact Kristen Zory King at kristenk@wab.org or 585-473-2590 x110. You can also find more information on Writers & Books generally programming on our website, www.wab.org.

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