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Guidelines for Presentation of Courses to the CCC Program Committee
XI. Speaking Intensive

General Education Office
c/o Dr. Lisa Hunter
Associate Provost
Curriculum, Assessment, and Academic Support

809-810 Maytum Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063

(716) 673-3717

For approval of a course in the area of Speaking Intensive, the instructor will provide a comprehensive description of the course, addressing its general aims and general requirements, including:

A. An explanation of how all students in the course will be involved in presentations and assignments that help them achieve proficiency in oral discourse. These should typically include researching a topic, developing an argument, and organizing supporting details. Please specify types of oral discourse (for example, presentations, roundtables, debates, panels).

B. An explanation of how oral presentations are evaluated according to established criteria of competent speaking in general and to standards relevant to a specific discipline or professional context.

C. An assessment plan that facilitates course improvement by evaluating the effectiveness of the course’s oral communication pedagogy in improving student proficiency in oral discourse.

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