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Revised General Education Program Guidelines
I. Basic Written Communication

General Education Office
c/o Dr. Lisa Hunter
Associate Provost
Curriculum, Assessment, and Academic Support

809-810 Maytum Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063

(716) 673-3717

For approval of a writing course, as required under the category of Basic Communication, the instructor will provide a comprehensive description of the course, addressing its aims and general requirements, including:

  1. evidence of a process-oriented emphasis upon developing student writing skills;
  2. evidence that students ordinarily will prepare from five to seven papers, totaling 20-25 pages, for review, comment, and feedback, in addition to exercises, journals, or other writing assignments which optionally may be required;
  3. evidence that multiple drafts are required, including revision, rewriting, or editing of student papers, and that class time or required individual conference time will be devoted to a consideration of student writing and to the use of electronic media in the writing process;
  4. evidence that attention will be paid to mechanics, usage, grammar, and syntactic complexity, as well as some indication of the manner in which corrections and comments on these matters will be handled;
  5. a brief description of the methods to be used to assess student understanding of the course's subject matter and student attainment of writing abilities, as well as a method for providing for course improvement.

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