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Geosciences Scholarships

These scholarships are provided from endowed funds through the generosity of alumni and staff.

The following scholarships and awards are available for outstanding students in the Department of Geosciences. For further information contact the chairperson at the address in the left column.

  • Florence Eikenburg Award given annually to a high-achieving under-represented student
  • Spacial Studies Award presented to the outstanding student in GIS or related area
  • Susan J. Mara Award awarded annually to a student deserving of special faculty recognition
  • Mark D. and April Hoefner Orgren Award awarded annually to the outstanding freshman
  • Walther M. Barnard Geosciences Award awarded annually to the outstanding sophomore
  • Paul D. Willette Award awarded annually to the outstanding junior
  • Roy A. MacDiarmid Award awarded to the outstanding graduating senior
  • Geosciences Textbook Scholarships awarded each semester to majors earning Dean's List honors during the previous semester. Stipend is used to help purchase textbooks at the FSA Bookstore.
  • Lawrence A. Patrie Science Teaching Scholarship and other awards and scholarships given by the School of Education to outstanding eligible students in the teacher certification program.  Awards may go to students with majors in B.S. Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry,or Physics.

Photo Gallery


Dr. Richard Gilman, Brian Koehler and Mike FarrellPast MacDiarmid Award ceremony in 1986!
Dr. Richard "Dick" Gilman congratulating Brian Koehler (left) and Mike Farrell, co-winners of the MacDiarmid award in 1986. Professor Gilman was chair of the department from 1975 to 1986. This picture, published originally in the Dunkirk Evening Observer, shows a fairly sparse distribution of name plates compared to the current situation. We have filled up the original plaque, and are now filling an auxiliary plaque (see middle photo below) .

        Award Winning Geoscience Scholars: see Fall-2010 scholars at  this link...

JLB and K Boyle - WilletteAlex Staunchorgren-09
Left: Katie Boyle, 2009-2010 winner of the Eikenburg, Willette & MacDiarmid Awards
Right: Heather Smith, 2009 winner of the Hoefner-Orgren Award
Center: Adam Staunch, 2010 Mara Award winner

2009 - 2010 winners are...

  • Hoefner-Orgren (Outstanding Freshman): Heather Smith (B.S. Earth Science)
  • Barnard (Outstanding Sophomore): No candidates
  • Willette (Outstanding Junior): Katie Boyle (B.S. Geology & Geophysics)
  • MacDiarmid (Outstanding Senior): Katie Boyle (B.S. Geophysics & Geology)
  • Mara (Faculty Select): Alex Staunch (B.S. Biology & Geology)
  • Florence Eikenburg (Underrepresented Scholar):  Katie Boyle (B.S. Geology & Geophysics)
  • Spatial Studies Award:  Ryan Hollamby (Environmental Science)

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