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Congratulations to the 2013-14 Award Recipients!

Outstanding History Major

Laura Hirst

Outstanding Social Studies Major

Kristen Champoux

Dylan Penner

Outstanding History Paper

Ethan Duffy

Laura Hirst

MacPhee Scholarship

Ashley Bertolini

Zimmer History Scholarship

Mikel Pierce

John J. and Helen B. Mancuso Scholarship

Sean Adamchick

Elizabeth Barter

James Coughlin

Michael Fitzgerald

Alanna Hazard

Jason Pandich

Jordan Reed

Joseph T. Gallagher Scholarship

Claudia Azevedo

Jasmine Barrow

Tyler Pfalzer

William and Helen Chazanof Scholarship

Kevin Chamberlain

Kim Korhummel Scholarship

Collin Mulcahy

Timothy R. Allan Award

Justin Dickerson


2013-2014 History Award Recipients

The honors program of the Department of History is designed to honor graduates of the History or Social Studies programs who have consistently demonstrated ability and produced work of high quality in the discipline. The honors designation is given to students who achieve an all-college average of 3.0; an average in history courses of 3.25; and who earn appropriate grades in HIST 499 (Senior Honors Seminar) and HIST 201 (Doing History). For more information on the honors program, contact the chairperson.

The department gives a variety of awards:

The Chazanof Award recognizes student work in local history


Kevin Chamberlain receives the Chazanof Award from Prof. Ellen Litwicki

The Gallagher Scholarships are awarded to minority students pursuing a career in education


Jasmine Barrow receives the Gallagher Award from Prof. Mary Beth Sievens and Prof. Thomas Morrissey

The MacPhee and Mancuso Scholarships are given to promising History or Social Studies majors who have attained junior rank.


Michael Fitzgerald receives the Mancuso Award from Prof. Jacky Swansinger


Ashley Bertolini receives the MacPhee Award from Prof. David Kinkela

The Carnahan, Cutler, and Maytum Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshman.


Alanna Hazard receives the Mancuso Award from Prof. David Kinkela


Jordan Reed receives the Mancuso Award from Prof. John Arnold

The Kim Korhummel Scholarship was established by the SUNY Fredonia Class of 1994 in memory of Ms. Korhummel, a student in the department and a member of the Class of ’94, who died of ALS before graduating.


Collin Mulcahy receives the Korhummel Award from Prof. Nancy Hagedorn

The Timothy R. Allan award was created in honor of Professor Allan who taught U.S. and European history courses for many years in the History Department.  To honor Prof. Allan’s commitment to service and his interest in local history, this scholarship will be given to a history or social studies education major with a strong academic record who has contributed to the community or campus in a meaningful way.


Justin Dickerson receives the Allan Award from Prof. Jennifer Hildebrand

The Zimmer Scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior history major with career plans in law or communications.


Ethan Duffy receives the Outstanding History Paper prize from Prof. Steven Fabian

The department also annually recognizes an Outstanding History major, an Outstanding Social Studies major, and an Outstanding History paper. Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor society, recognizes academic excellence.


Laura Hirst receives the Outstanding History Major award from Prof. Jacky Swansinger


Dylan Penner and Kristen Champoux receive the Outstanding Social Studies Major award from Prof. Mary Beth Sievens

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