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Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies - Legal Studies

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Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies - Legal Studies

NOTE:  Requirements may differ according to date of enrollment.

I. Core Requirement (6 credit hours)

POLI 276       Law and Society
POLI 277       Introduction to Law

II. Legal Foundations (9 credit hours from)

PHIL 362       Philosophy of Law
or PHIL 364   Justice, Law and Economics
POLI 370       Constitutional Law*
POLI 371       Civil Rights and Liberties*
POLI 383       Courts and Social Policy*
SOC 361        Law in the World*

III. Law and the Legal System (3 credit hours from)

ACCT 311      Business Law
ACCT 312      Business Law II*
BUAD 310      Legal Environment of Business
COMM 420     Communication Law and Ethics*
PHIL 303       Crime and Punishment
SOC 360       Criminal Justice System*

IV. Law and Philosophy (6 credit hours from)

PHIL 218      Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 265      Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 310      Administative Ethics
PHIL 312      Current Moral Issues and Principles
HIST 375     History of Authority*
POLI 330     Western European Politics*
or POLI 331 Canadian Politics*
or POLI 332 Russian Politics*
POLI 360     Classical Political Theory*
POLI 361     Modern Political Theory*

V. Law and Human Behavior (6 credit hours from)

PSY 245      Social Psychology*
or SOC 204 Social Psychology*
PSY 356      Abnormal Psychology*
PSY 358      Psychology and the Law
SOC 310     Sociology of Deviant Behavior*
SOC 362     Criminology*
SOC 363     Victimology*
SOC 364     Juvenile Delinquency*

VI. Skill Requirements (9 credit hours from)

ECON 201   Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 202   Principles of Microeconomics
PHIL 106     Critical Thinking
or PHIL 116 Introduction to Deductive Logic
or PHIL 301 Intermediate Deductive Logic*
POLI 200     Statistics
or SOC 200 Statistics for Sociologists
POLI 210     Research Methods
or SOC 300 Research Methods

VII. Legal Internship (Optional)

*prerequisite required

Students in other programs may enroll in the 21-credit hour Legal Studies Minor.

Most professions require effectiveness in writing and speaking. This is certainly true of the legal profession. Students are advised to choose courses which will help them develop these skills; e.g. COMM 105 for speaking and upper division courses as electives for writing.

Students should also acquire knowledge of standard computer software including word processing, spreadsheet and database programs. Familiarity with bibliographic and data search routines including the Internet and World Wide Web are strongly encouraged.


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