Arts Administration: The Minor

Note: Effective May 2010, we are not accepting new students into the Arts Administration minor. We regret any inconvenience. More information is available by contacting the program coordinator.

Students already enrolled as of Spring 2010 may use the following check lists to help them complete their programs.

Click here for the requirements under the 2007-2009 catalog.

Cick here for the requirements under the 2009-2011 catalog.

Communication Majors, please note:  Although the Arts Administration minor includes six credits from the department of communicaiton, you can use only three of these credits toward your minor.  See the rule at the bottom of this page which appears on page 21 of the 1997-1999 catalog.  Please see the arts adminisration coordinator to identify addtional course(s) that you will be required to take within arts administration.

Commuincation Department Rule: Cross-using Courses for Minors: Certain minors include some communication courses that may fulfill course requirements for that minor. Students may use (double-dip) only one COMM course (maximum 4 credit hours) required for the Communication major to fulfill course requirements for the minor.  

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