Interdisciplinary Studies Program Coordinators

Interdisciplinary Studies
804 Maytum Hall
The State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: 716-673-3174
Ph: 716-673-3173

Students interested in electing an Interdisciplinary major or minor should consult with the coordinator from the appropriate area.  Majors and minors must be formally declared through the Office of the Registrar.


American Studies (major/minor)

Dr. Shannon McRae, English
257 Fenton Hall
(716) 673-3848

Arts Administration (major/minor)


Mr. Jefferson Westwood, Rockefeller Arts Ctr.
G15 Rockefeller Arts Center
(716) 673-3217

Dance Studio Administration (minor)

 Ms.  Angelika Summerton, Theatre and Dance
147 Dods Hall
(716) 673-3355


Environmental Science (major)
This major is housed in the
Chemistry Department.


Dr. Sherri Mason, Chemistry
220 Houghton Hall
(716) 673-3292

Environmental Studies (minor)

This major is housed in the Chemistry Department.

Dr. Sherri Mason, Chemistry

220 Houghton

(716) 673-3292

Ethnic Studies (minor)

Dr. Jennifer Hildebrand, History
E304 Thompson Hall
(716) 673-3274

Exercise Science:  Exercise Science track (major) This major is housed in the Biology Department.


Dr. Todd Backes, Biology
Jewett Hall
(716) 673-3282

Film Studies (minor)



Mr. Phil Hastings, Visual Arts & New Media
315B McEwen Hall
(716) 673-4853

Geographic Information Systems (minor)

Dr. Ann Deakin, Geosciences
020 Houghton Hall
(716) 673-3884

Graduate Self Design


Thompson Hall
(716) 673-3808

International Studies (major/minor)



Dr. Ivani Vassoler Froelich, Politics and International Affairs
E390 Thompson Hall
(716) 673-3887

 Italian Studies (minor)

(This minor is housed in the Modern Languages Department.)



Dr. Chiara De Santi, Modern Lanugages

2104 Fenton Hall


Leadership Studies (minor)

Mr. Mark Suida, Campus Life
Campus Life
(716) 673-3143

Museum Studies (minor)


Public Health (minor)

Dr. Linda Dorsten, Sociology
W393 Thompson Hall
(716) 673-3469

Religious Studies (minor)



Dr. Dale Tuggy, Philosophy
2102 Fenton Hall
(716) 673-4892

Russian, East-European, and Eurasian Studies (minor)


 Dr. John Staples, History
E332 Thompson Hall
(716) 673-3277


Statistics (minor)

 Dr. Nancy Boynton, Mathematical Sciences
204 Fenton Hall
(716) 673-4709


Undergraduate Self Design (major/minor)

Dr. Roger Byrne, Associate Dean
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
804 Maytum Hall
(716) 673-3173

Web Programming (minor)

(This is housed in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences.)


Dr. Reneta Barneva, Computer and Information Sciences
2154 Fenton Hall
(716) 673-4750


Women's and Gender Studies (major/minor)

Dr. Jeffry Iovannone

E323 Thompson Hall
(716) 673-4747

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